Posted 15/04/2017

The Kharadron Overlords are here!

Landing this weekend is perhaps the most anticipated new army in the Mortal Realms since the release of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

The Kharadron Overlords are a race of duardin, but unlike any we’ve seen before.

Descending from their sky-ports high above the Mortal Realms in fantastical sky-fleets, the Kharadon are intent on plunder, exploration and glory. Each Kharadron is clad head to toe in sturdy armour that also serves as an environment suit to protect them from the dangers of the Realms. They are masters of many arcane sciences, and their vessels are borne aloft by the same aetheric alchemy that also powers many of their devastating weapons.

In games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, armies of Kharadron Overlords play unlike any other faction.

Their ships offer them huge tactical flexibility, allowing the usually slow-moving duardin to zip around the tabletop. This, combined with firepower almost unequaled in the realms, allows you to bring a formidable amount of destruction to just where it is needed to obliterate whole sections of enemy armies.

The sky-vessels also give you somewhere to shield heroes and units from enemy fire and charges, and all are equipped with extensive defensive capabilities, giving the Kharadron Overlords some really diverse options on the tabletop.

The heroes are worth mentioning as well – all bolster nearby units in some way, from boosting bravery or damage output to even fixing damaged ships in the heat of battle.

One thing every Kharadron Overlords fan will want is the new Battletome.

This 144 page tome is your essential guide to the Kharadron Overlords. Being a brand new faction, the book explores their place in the Mortal Realms, from their escape from the Age of Chaos to their re-emergence during the Age of Simgar, their unusual beliefs, arcane science and how their unique culture and society works.

One element dealt with in some detail are the six major sky-port cities of the Kharadron. These are explored in background, heraldry, paint schemes and rules. 

There’s a lot of rules content in the book for all types of gamers. Warscrolls, battalions and artefacts are as you’d expect. The Allegiance Ability for the army is worth mentioning as it’s quite unusual – you get to choose it based on the sky-port you want your army to come from – or you can even make your own! It’s certainly the most flexible of any force in the realms yet.

Narrative gamers will find five new battleplans as well as Path to Glory rules, while those looking to build a matched play army will find all the points they need to do so.

As this army is quite unusual and different from many you might have seen before, the Battletome also includes a quick tactics guide, which suggests a few tricks you might like to try out, and some tips on theming your army – the first time a Battletome has included anything like this in it.

The Battletome also comes in a handy digital version for those of you who like to keep your library ultra-portable.

There are three new miniature kits available today as well, all of which we’d expect to appear in most Kharadron collections.

The Admiral is, as you might expect, the lord of your fleet – a powerful character who leads by example and can bolster the troops around him.

The Arkanauts are the battleline of the Kharadron forces – a reliable band of mercenaries who can fill a variety of roles in your army and can be equipped with some pretty devastating weaponry.

Finally, we have the first of the Kharadron Overlords’ sky vessels. The Arkanaut Frigate is the workhorse of the sky-fleet: part warship, part trasport and part cargo ship (for all that plunder you’re going to acquire). In your games, it’s pretty fast, and packs a hefty punch in the shooting phase. It has enough transport space for a company of Arkanauts and maybe an Admiral at a push (it’s like we planned the whole thing!)

Pre-order all these new releases here.

There will be more Kharadron Overlords on the way next weekend too…

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