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Posted 12/05/2018

Your Intro to the Mortal Realms

The Mortal Realms – worlds of danger, magic and opportunity, of ancient myths, of gods, of hope, fear, and adventure. […]

Posted 21/05/2018

Warhammer Adventures: Tales for Younger Readers

The 41st Millennium and the Mortal Realms are fantastical places, ripe for adventure. Like you, we love these worlds, and […]

Posted 21/05/2018

Blitzmania II: Week 3 Update

Welcome back, sports fans, With another week of Blitzmania II in the bag, the league is heating up, with new […]

Posted 21/05/2018

Faction Focus: Blades of Khorne

Welcome to Faction Focus – a series on Warhammer Community looking at each of the armies of Warhammer Age of […]

Posted 20/05/2018

Dancing in the Dark: Lexicanum takes a look at Harlequins

With the return of the Harlequins to tabletops everywhere imminent, the Lexicanum loremasters have delved once more into their vaults […]

Posted 20/05/2018

Pre-order Preview: Inspire Your Warband

Next week, you’ll be able to pre-order every warband (so far…) from Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire in push fit format. Packaged […]

Posted 20/05/2018

New Edition Preview: Look Out, Sir!

With the new command ability system making Heroes more useful than ever, the last thing you want is to watch […]

Posted 20/05/2018

Faction Focus: Maggotkin of Nurgle

Welcome to Faction Focus – a new series on Warhammer Community exploring the various armies battling for the fate of […]

Posted 19/05/2018

Terran Intrigue, Chogorian Might and Ancient Rivalry

From the depths of Terra itself to the hunting grounds of the White Scars and into the heart of one […]

Posted 19/05/2018

From the Webway to Your Tabletop

For the Harlequins of the aeldari, battle is but another form of performance – and with the new Codex: Harlequins, […]

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