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Posted 12/12/2019

Celebrating Selflessness – A Warhammer Hero Story

With Warhammer Heroes nominations open until the end of December, they are starting to flood in. The Warhammer [...]

Posted 12/12/2019

Slaves to Darkness: The Warcry Army

Got a Warcry collection? Chances are, you might already have most of a Slaves to Darkness army, too! Today, we’re [...]

Posted 11/12/2019

The Regimental Standard: Join a Campaign of Faith

Faith. Spiritual enrichment. Slaughter. Sharp sticks. The Campaign of Faith offers all this and more – learn all [...]

Posted 11/12/2019

Emperor’s Spears: From Page to Tabletop

It’s always a joy to see armies and models based on Black Library novels, and when we saw these Emperor’s […]

Posted 10/12/2019

Grot Bomms Awaaay!

Buckle up – we’re expecting some turbulence as the Grots of the Air Waaagh! scramble for their 15 seconds of [...]

Posted 10/12/2019

A Warped Perspective

With Battletome: Slaves to Darkness now available to pre-order, we’re looking into the heart of madness with Les [...]

Posted 10/12/2019

The Rumour Engine – December 10th 2019

Another week, another tantalizing glimpse of cool new stuff. Stare long, and stare deeply. Meditate on this image and [...]

Posted 09/12/2019

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas from Da Red Gobbo

Looking for some handy gift advice as the holidays loom large? Without even asking for it, Da Red Gobbo submitted [...]

Posted 09/12/2019

Rohan™ Village Showcase – A Home Fit For a Horse-lord

There’s a lot of love for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game here at Games Workshop headquarters, from us lot in [...]

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