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Posted 06/07/2018

Kill Team Faction Focus Index

Here, you’ll find a link to every Kill Team Focus so far. We’ll be posting a new one every day for […]

Posted 21/07/2018

Kill Team: Available to Pre-order Now

It’s time to grab your weapons, gather your comrades and venture behind enemy lines for small-scale missions – Kill Team […]

Posted 21/07/2018

The Inquisition Hunts and the Flesh Tearers Hunger…

Inquisitor Covenant returns to action this week in the second volume of the Horusian Wars series by John French – […]

Posted 21/07/2018

Kill Team Focus: Thousand Sons

As Magnus and the Thousand Sons assault realspace en-masse, countless smaller warbands of Rubric Marines, Sorcerers and Tzaangor conduct secretive […]

Posted 20/07/2018

Kill Team Focus: Grey Knights

Small squads of elite troops fighting desperate battles deep behind enemy lines – sounds like a regular Tuesday for the […]

Posted 20/07/2018

Warhammer Fest Europe: The Venue

The first-ever Warhammer Fest event in mainland Europe is less than a month away! Taking place on the 18th and […]

Posted 19/07/2018

Army Showcase: Tyler’s Nighthaunt

With the new Nighthaunt hitting shelves across the world, we caught up with master painter and devotee of all things […]

Posted 19/07/2018

Kill Team Focus: Death Guard

The Death Guard are known for their brutal grinding assaults, wearing their foes down with wave after wave of indomitable […]

Posted 19/07/2018

Ben Bailey’s Nazgûl of Dol Guldur

Jay Clare: Last weekend was the Forge World and Specialist Games Open Day here at Warhammer World, and amongst the […]

Posted 19/07/2018

Kill Team: The Website

Kill Team is nearly here!  This coming weekend sees the new skirmish game of action and danger in the Dark […]

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