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Posted 15/12/2019

Amazing Axe and Stunning Beard? Must Be a Dwarf

As longtime fans are well aware, Grombrindal – the White Dwarf himself – has appeared in many forms over the [...]

Posted 15/12/2019

Da Red Gobbo’s Reign Draws to a Close

This is your last chance to send your Wish List to @DearRedGobbo on Twitter! Da Kommittee will choose just one more [...]

Posted 14/12/2019

Now Available: Chaos Dwarfs, Made to Order, The Court of the Blind King and More

Only 11 more sleeps until Christmas! As we sink deeper into the sprout and television-special filled festive season, [...]

Posted 13/12/2019

Slaves to Darkness: Three Awesome Armies

The new Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness set is your portal to all manner of Chaos armies, usable not just [...]

Posted 13/12/2019

Gotrek Hears the Warcry

The Eightpoints are rife with dangers. Marauding warbands and hungry monsters haunt the inhabitants of the Bloodwind [...]

Posted 13/12/2019

No. 38 – Flat

Join Kren, Frep and the rest of the Emperor’s Pointy Sticks in their continuing adventures on and off the tabletop.

Posted 13/12/2019

Death from the Skies

Dawnbreaker Cohorts are the vanguard of the Blood Angels’ legendary assaults. They’re the first warriors to [...]

Posted 12/12/2019

Katophrane Chronicle: Why Grand Clashes Are Great

Warhammer TV Presenter Nick Bayton lives and breathes Warhammer Underworlds, spending many weekends attending clashes [...]

Posted 12/12/2019

Celebrating Selflessness – A Warhammer Hero Story

With Warhammer Heroes nominations open until the end of December, they are starting to flood in. The Warhammer [...]

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