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Posted 13/11/2018

Guns for your God-Machines

Yesterday, you got your first look at the forthcoming Warlord Battle Titan with Plasma Annihilator and Power Claw, bringing even […]

Posted 13/11/2018

Are you ready for AdeptiCon 2019?

Tickets for AdeptiCon are on sale this Sunday – are you ready? Held on the 27th – 31st of March […]

Posted 13/11/2018

Blackstone Fortress: How Not To Die

Blackstone Fortress is now on pre-order, offering you hours of dark adventure exploring one of the 41st Millennium’s most enduring […]

Posted 13/11/2018

Arbitrator’s Guidebook Part 8: Fair vs Fun

Owen Barnes is back with the latest instalment of the Arbitrator’s Guidebook, giving you all sorts of handy hints for […]

Posted 13/11/2018

The Rumour Engine – Tuesday 13th November

What sort of horrible, spiky abomination could this belong to? Is it even flesh, or some sort of hybrid abomination […]

Posted 12/11/2018

Blackstone Fortress: Which Explorer are You?

The game you’ve all been waiting for – Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress – is available to pre-order now! For a […]

Posted 12/11/2018

Coming Soon: New Titans, Knights and More

In the months since Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy was launched, tabletops across the world have shaken beneath the tread […]

Posted 11/11/2018

Next Week: Beasts of Legend

Good news, Beasts of Chaos fans – there’s another set of Made to Order models on the way for your […]

Posted 11/11/2018

The Art of Blackstone Fortress

The Blackstone Fortress is a mysterious construction of unknown origin, its brooding presence offering both a source of opportunity for […]

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