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Posted 19/04/2019

No. 21 – Gunner

Join Kren, Frep and the rest of the Emperor’s Pointy Sticks in their continuing tabletop adventures.

Posted 18/04/2019

Grim Dark Corners: The Fall of the Aeldari and the Birth of Slaanesh

Slaanesh is the youngest of the Chaos Gods, birthed by the fall of the ancient empire of the Aeldari. However, […]

Posted 18/04/2019

Slaanesh in the Mortal Realms

Battletome: Hedonites of Slaanesh is on its way, kicking off a long-awaited new age for the servants of the Dark […]

Posted 18/04/2019

Middle-earth™ Blog: Éowyn™ & Merry™

Jay: The wait is over! Ever since we previewed the miniature of Dernhelm (Éowyn) and Merry back in the Gondor […]

Posted 18/04/2019

What is the Battle of Molech?

The new Adeptus Titanicus expansion, Doom of Molech, is on its way – and today we’re taking a look at […]

Posted 17/04/2019

Warhammer Fest Seminar Schedule

Warhammer Fest UK 2019 is fast approaching! On the 11th and 12th of May, thousands of Warhammer fans will fill […]

Posted 17/04/2019

The Regimental Standard: Eye of Terror Pict-Captured for First Time

Exciting news, Guardsmen – we’ve managed to capture the Eye of Terror in stunning detail using newly discovered pict-capture technology! […]

Posted 17/04/2019

Coming Soon: The Sabbat Worlds Crusade

Gaunt’s Ghosts fans, prepare for something exciting coming your way in December. A new edition of the classic background book […]

Posted 17/04/2019

Warband Focus: Thundrik’s Profiteers

New warbands are on their way for Warhammer Underworlds – and they could well offer you the edge needed to […]

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