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Posted 19/07/2019

Warband Focus: Order, Death and Destruction

In this mega Warband Focus, we’ll be looking at the forces of Order, Destruction and Death! At launch, Warcry will […]

Posted 19/07/2019

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team – Chaos Daemons Tactica

You asked for it, you got it! That’s right – July’s issue of White Dwarf includes rules for kill teams of Chaos […]

Posted 19/07/2019

Short on Ammo? Get a Squat Ammo-jack

Few on Necromunda know much about the Squats beyond that they are fierce abhuman warriors – so fierce that many […]

Posted 19/07/2019

Season 3 – No. 006 – A Desperate Plea

See what Nhillus, Brightheart and their friends – and their Chaos counterparts – are up to in the latest Roll […]

Posted 18/07/2019

New Website and How to Play Video

To unravel the secrets of Chaos, the warbands of Warcry embark on long and brutal pilgrimages to the Eightpoints, spilling […]

Posted 18/07/2019

Warband Focus: Untamed Beasts

Welcome to Warband Focus – where we’re investigating each Warcry warband with lore, guides to play style and top tips […]

Posted 18/07/2019

Contrast – Jay’s Rivendell™ Elves

This week, Middle-earth scribe Jay Clare returns to us… at the turn of the (Contrast) tide! Bad puns aside, Jay’s back […]

Posted 17/07/2019

Heretic, Traitor, Rogue, Inquisitor… TV Star?

Okay, folks – this is pretty big. You might want to sit down. Ready? Here it is… Eisenhorn is being […]

Posted 17/07/2019

Warcry: 3 Ways To Play

At all levels of play, Warcry is fast-paced, kinetic and highly balanced, with loads of options to serve any style […]

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