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Posted 19/02/2019

White Dwarf Preview – March

We’re already two months into the reforged White Dwarf and, apparently, you guys love it! Well, you’ll be pleased to […]

Posted 19/02/2019

Warhammer Paris 14 turns 35!

Warhammer fans in Paris have more than just the Black Library to celebrate this coming weekend – one of their […]

Posted 19/02/2019

Forging a Legacy – Naming Your Blood Bowl Team

One of the joys of Blood Bowl is watching your players develop across your games, forging a legacy for your […]

Posted 19/02/2019

Black Library Celebration: Warhammer 40,000

Celebration Week continues with the release of The Mistress of Threads, a new Warhammer 40,000 story about an Inquisition investigation. […]

Posted 18/02/2019

Battle Sister Bulletin: Part 1 – Adepta Sororitas Iconography

Welcome to your very first Battle Sister Bulletin! As promised in the Las Vegas Open Warhammer Preview, we’re going to […]

Posted 18/02/2019

Black Library Celebration: The Horus Heresy

Happy Celebration Week! This Saturday, Warhammer stores worldwide will be launching a massive range of new Black Library books (and […]

Posted 17/02/2019

Pre-order Next Week: Start Collecting! Sets, Boards and A Very Special Commissar…

Next week brings loads of new releases for you to get your teeth into, from Start Collecting! sets to new […]

Posted 17/02/2019

Introducing Commissar Severina Raine

Attention, Guardsmen! In less than a week, Warhammer and Games Workshop stores worldwide will be playing host to the annual […]

Posted 16/02/2019

Pre-order Today: The Dreaded Ambull Awakens!

This week, the Blackstone Fortress gets a little bit bigger thanks to a new expansion that pits you against one […]

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