28 Jul 20

What is the Ursus Claw?

Fire the Ursus Claws! If you’re a Warhammer hobbyist, there’s a good chance you’ve heard this somewhere, but just what does it mean? 

Before long, players will be launching Ursus Claws of their own on Adeptus Titanicus tabletops thanks to incoming upgrade kits from Forge World. But what is an Ursus Claw? Why does everyone want one? Today, we’re investigating the issue.

Ursus Claws were first introduced by Horus Heresy loresmith Aaron Dembski-Bowden in a small but awesome section of a large but awesome novel Betrayer. For those who haven’t embarked upon reading the Horus Heresy series, Betrayer tells the story of the World Eaters’ fall during the Horus Heresy, following them through a brutal campaign amid the core worlds of Ultramar. We first see the Ursus Claws in the hands of the Legio Audax, used to staggering effect against a rival Titan.

Throughout the book, we see Titans, and even the World Eaters flagship – the Conqueror – use Ursus Claws, with terrifying results. Since then, players have dreamed of using these weapons for themselves. With the rules in Shadow and Iron, plus the upcoming Ursus Claw upgrade kit, soon you can!

Need a refresher on the rules for Ursus Claws? Check out our previous preview! While you wait, why not grab some Warhounds, and get them built up and ready to upgrade?

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