08 May 19

Space Marine Heroes – Series 3

Space Marine Heroes Series 3 is on its way, and this time, it features the chosen disciples of Nurgle, the Death Guard!*

Initially set for release in Japan, this is a collectable set of models featuring a range of new Death Guard miniatures, each one swarming with disease, pus and pestilence. Each represents a distinct, named hero, perfect for adding some additional character to your army, or just for collecting and painting. As with the previous series, they will come in a blind-buy box, so you’ll have the excitement of discovering which model you’ve got when you open it. If Nurgle smiles upon you, maybe you’ll get your favourite one on the first go!

Space Marine Heroes fans living outside Japan have every right to feel envious for now –  but don’t forget that Series 2, featuring amazing Blood Angels Terminators, will soon be available outside of Japan!

Stay tuned to Warhammer Community to find out how to get your hands on the new Space Marine Heroes and tell us over on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page which models you’ll be hoping to get.

* Maybe they should be called Space Marine Anti-heroes…