28 Mar 18

Codex: Drukhari Preview: Haemonculus Covens

The Haemonculus Covens are one of the most sinister and influential factions in Commorragh. Through their mastery of arcane surgery and fleshcraft, they ensure that no Archon stays dead for long and are constantly inventing new (and horrifically creative) ways to draw suffering out of the living. Indeed, the Haemonculus Covens are the only Aeldari to universally refuse the offer of the Ynnari, instead pursuing their own mysterious agendas…

The new Drukhari codex brings the Haemonculus Covens to life through three Drukhari Obsessions that suit a variety of styles of play, allowing you to make the most of these gruesome units.

Haemonculus Covens units have always been durable, boasting great Toughness for Drukhari and solid saves. Trying to chew through a horde of Wracks allied to the Prophets of Flesh is going to be very difficult indeed – keep a Haemonculus nearby and you’ll have a horde of Toughness 5 bodies with 4+ invulnerable saves, followed by a 6+ backup against wounds thanks to Power From Pain.

Should your Wrack horde begin to look a bit thin – well, just bring them back with Black Cornucopians:

You’ll want to ensure you have enough Command Points ready at all times to pull this off – for that, you’ll want to ensure you have a Haemonculus with Diabolical Soothsayer in your army:

Remember, Drukhari armies can have more than one Warlord, so by combining Detachments and utilising a Kabal of the Black Heart Archon, you’ll be able to keep even more Command Points available.

The Dark Creed open up a new kind of Drukhari (or indeed, Aeldari) list – one that focuses on crippling the morale of the foe. There are all manner of insidious uses for this on the battlefield, and we’d recommend keeping some allied Hemlock Wraithfighters nearby to reduce enemy Leadership even further. You’ll also want to take some phantasm grenade launchers. You can drop enemy Leadership even more with a particularly nasty Stratagem.

That’s far from the only trick up the sleeves of the Dark Creed, however, and if you’d rather slay enemy Characters from a distance, take a unit of Talos Pain Engines with two heat lances and melt your foe using An Esoteric Kill, Delivered From Afar.

Whether you’re looking to inflict additional casualties in the Morale phase or building an army focussed on driving terrified enemy forces off the table, the Dark Creed is for you.

The Coven of Twelve excels at tearing through enemy armour and are great at tackling more durable foes, either by drowning them in attacks from your Wracks or making every hit with your Grotesques and Talos count.

We’d opt for taking a combination of units, occupying the enemy’s front ranks with Wracks, then firing into their unit with what, for our money, might be the most awesomely named Stratagem in Warhammer 40,000.

It’s not just fun to say in an arch voice – it’s also very effective on the battlefield! Just imagine surrounding your opponent’s favourite tank with Wracks, then destroying it from afar with haywire blasters while they’re powerless to shoot back.

The Haemonculus Covens in the new Drukhari codex are great as either the core of an unusual and powerful melee army or as a deadly allied Detachment for your main Drukhari force. If you’re looking to start one yourself, you can hardly go wrong with a Talos Pain Engine – get yours here.

There are still more previews to come – so keep an eye out tomorrow for more insights from the new codex.