Posted 19/03/2018

Forge World Preview: A Classic Reborn

The Land Speeder is one of Warhammer 40,000’s most iconic units, and one of its most venerable, dating back to the very first Space Marines ever released with Rogue Trader.

The Horus Heresy range from Forge World has been a great way to bring several classics to life as you’ve never seen it before, from the Deimos Pattern Predator to the distinctively shaped missile launchers wielded by Heavy Support Squads.

Very soon, the Land Speeder will be receiving similar treatment, as this classic design is brought to life in glorious resin. The new Forge World Land Speeder captures the spirit of its progenitor perfectly – while the mould lines may be crisper and the detail a lot sharper, there’s no mistaking the influence of Rogue Trader here:

This version of the classic Land Speeder will be available for the first time this May at Warhammer Fest, so to be among the first to add one to your collection, pick up a Warhammer Fest ticket now.

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