Posted 29/11/2017

Black Library Advent Calendar Preview

In just two days, December will be here and it’ll be time to start opening doors on Advent Calendars – and what better to find waiting for you each day than a brand new Black Library story? Every day from the 1st to the 24th of December, a new eBook Quick Read or MP3 audio drama will be released, and there are so many wonderful treats in among them that we barely know where to begin…

For several of the last few years, the Advent Calendar has included both eBook and MP3 audio dramas, and this year is no different – except that there are more audio dramas than ever before! This time around, no fewer than 10 of the 24 stories are full-cast audio adventures, complete with music and sound effects. We can reveal that three of these are Primarchs stories (of which only two are, strictly speaking, about primarchs…), and three are set in the haunted depths of the Mirrored City of Shadespire.

Of the remaining four audio dramas, let’s just say that two feature big names from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and the other two both star the same character from a lesser-known Space Marines Chapter, in two very different stories.

What of the 14 eBook Quick Reads? Well, there are five from the Mortal Realms, including tie-ins to several existing and forthcoming novels, such as a new tale of Hamilcar Bear-Eater and a sneak peek at what David Annandale has planned for Neferata…

The Dark Imperium plays host to four of the Quick Reads, covering such treats as a last stand of Adeptus Astartes, a look at the Cadians in the wake their planet’s destruction, and a tale of the Ynnari by Gav Thorpe.

Lastly, there are five Horus Heresy stories, each set in and around the Imperial Palace in the last days, weeks and months before the arrival of Horus. Each covers a very different set of characters – including the Imperial Fists, Custodians, Malcador and, dare we say it, the Emperor Himself – but they all share common themes and set the mood on Terra as the clock counts down…

As you can see, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy in this year’s Black Library Advent Calendar, with more action, drama and excitement than you can shake a tainted axe at, as well as explorations of some settings and ideas that Black LIbrary have never ventured into before – it’s sure to be an exciting month.

As with previous years, you’ll be able to buy each story separately, but if you want them all – and want to save a Land Raider-load of money in the process – you’ll also be able to subscribe to the entire Advent Calendar, getting you instant access to each new story every morning, and at a single great price. Come back on Friday to find out more about that, and to see what the first story is. Here’s a hint: it involves a well-known warrior with a penchant for a particular metal and a bit of a rivalry with some guys who like the colour yellow…

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