Posted 12/11/2017

Ironskull’s Boyz at the First Ever Grand Clash

The first ever Grand Clash saw a range of decklists, with every top 4 slot being occupied by a different warband! Today, we’re checking out Jim’s Ironjawz deck from the event, a highly aggressive deck based around attacking out of sequence and boosting the durability of Ironskull’s Boyz:



  1. 89, Biggest an’ da Best
  2. 90, Call of the Waaagh!
  3. 92, Dere’s More of Us
  4. 93, Get Da Boss
  5. 94, Good Scrap
  6. 95, Punch-up
  7. 236, Annihilation
  8. 247, Conquest
  9. 253, Denial
  10. 281, Plant a Standard
  11. 293, Swift Advance
  12. 305, Victorious Duel


  1. 97, ‘Avin’ a Good Time
  2. 98, Brutal But Kunnin’
  3. 100, Gorkamorka’s Blessing
  4. 101, Kunnin’ But Brutal
  5. 102, Last Lunge
  6. 103, Leadin’ By Example
  7. 104, More Choppin’
  8. 318, Distraction
  9. 330, Healing Potion
  10. 360, Sidestep


  1. 111, Crush and Cleave
  2. 115, Unkillable
  3. 116, Waaagh!
  4. 375, Army of One
  5. 382, Daemonic Weapon
  6. 389, Great Fortitude
  7. 390, Great Speed
  8. 391, Great Strength
  9. 393, Helpful Whispers
  10. 420, Soultrap

Jim: The main strength of Ironskull’s Boyz is their wound total. With a Block defensive characteristic and the highest total wounds of all the warbands, these Ironjawz are hard to shift. You can use this to get stuck into the enemy, swarming them with fighters who are difficult to kill, and still have great damage output. This deck is designed to get all your fighters into enemy territory and win a war of attrition, keeping all enemy fighters bottled up or killing them.

Gurzag Ironskull is one of the best fighters in the game, as well as being survivable, which means once he has a couple of upgrades on him, he becomes a great hunter of enemy leaders. Objective cards such as Victorious Duel, Get Da Boss and Biggest an’ da Best all support this plan of action, as well as this approach helping to contribute towards Punch-up, Good Scrap and Call of the Waaagh.

I like synergy in decks to allow a single activation of a fighter to contribute to scoring multiple objectives simultaneously. Making plenty of charges and attacks also gives you lots of opportunities to drive enemy fighters back (including a bonus bit of knockback from Basha if he can get a critical hit). I like to try and herd my opponents into a small area and prevent them from controlling board areas. The extra attacks generated by ‘Avin’ a Good Time, Last Lunge and Leadin’ By Example all help contribute to this too, meaning you can potentially make 6 attack actions in a single action phase!

As for upgrades, most of them get piled on to Gurzag, transforming him from a formidable fighter into an unstoppable wrecking machine! Crush and Cleave, Great Strength and Waaagh! help to add more attack power, and when combined with Ploy cards like Gorkamorka’s Blessing and More Choppin’, Gurzag can deal with any fighter in the game with ease. Daemonic Weapon is best played on Hakka or Basha, whose usual low damage can be negated by the powerful attack from this weapon. Having 4 wounds mitigates the downside of Daemonic Weapon too, as well as having the added bonus of inspiring your own fighter whenever you attack with it!

Unkillable, Soultrap and Healing Potion are part of this deck to help keep fighters alive. The longer your fighters live, the more attacks you can make, and the fewer enemy fighters will be alive at the end of the game, hopefully culminating in scoring the glorious triumvirate of Conquest, Denial and Annihilation for a massive end of game Glory Point boost!

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