Posted 19/10/2017

Our Warbands: Duncan Rhodes’ Stormcast Eternals

Here at Warhammer Community, we’ve been very excited about Shadespire, and when Duncan got his hands on the Core Set, he quickly got to work painting (and converting!) an awesome looking warband of his own – we found out more from the Lord of Layers himself…

Duncan: I’ve been excited for Shadespire ever since I first saw the models. Each warband is full of character with every model having the detail of a hero, so I had to paint some as soon as I got the chance. For Steelheart’s Champions I knew that I’d want to do some minor conversion work to make them fit my own Stormhost, the Golden Suns, so once I had the sprue in hand I got to work.

The conversion work was simple – the first thing was to replace the hammerheads with bladed weapons, a personal preference to match the weapons I tend to pick when building Golden Suns for Age of Sigmar. Steelheart was already armed with a sword so he was ready for paint immediately. Obryn the Bold’s hammerhead was snipped off and a spare grandaxe blade from a Prosecutors kit pinned on in its place. For Angharad Brightshield, her hand was carefully snipped away so that I could replace her hammer for a sword from a Liberators box. With that done I decided to replace her shield too – the most distinctive feature of the Golden Suns is their round shields and this was easily glued in place, taken from a Knights Excelsior Upgrades set.

I then set about painting the trio, beginning with undercoating them with Leadbelcher. Their shiny bronze armour is achieved with a basecoat of Balthasar Gold followed by a shade of Druchii Violet. Once dry the bronze is layered with Balthasar Gold, then highlighted with Sycorax Bronze. Almost every other colour on the miniatures is shaded with Druchii Violet too, which lends them a magical feel, perfect for warriors touched by the divine. To finish them off the bases were painted in exactly the same way that can be seen in our How to Paint Shadespire: Steelheart’s Champions video, a really simple method that gives great results.

With the painting complete my warband is ready for action – the only question is how to build my deck? I’m sure after a game or two, I’ll develop a favourite strategy, and then the City of Mirrors shall be mine for the taking*!

*As all who play against me on a regular basis will tell you, this is highly unlikely to happen…

Awesome work, Duncan, as usual! If you’re looking to build a Stormcast warband of your own, pre-order the Shadespire Core Set today.

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