Posted 10/01/2020

Saints of the Imperium

The Imperium’s past is stained with the blood of martyrs and storied heroes. Yet there are some whose deeds are so great that they change the course of history itself. The Ecclesiarchy will often canonise these legendary individuals, naming them Saints so that their memory will live on forever.

There are far too many Imperial Saints to list them all here, but we thought it would be fun to list some of our favourites, so without further ado…


This young, unassuming girl of humble origins rose to prominence after receiving a vision from the Emperor. He told her that she needed to rally the isolated region of the Segmentum Pacificus she called home and overthrow the fell agents of the Ruinous Powers that had taken root there. Against seemingly impossible odds, she accomplished this feat, and the sector became known as the Sabbat Worlds in her honour.

The Matriarchs of the Orders Militant

  • Alicia Dominica, Patron Saint of the Order of the Ebon Chalice
  • Katherine, Patron Saint of the Order of Our Martyred Lady
  • Lucia, Patron Saint of the Order of the Valorous Heart
  • Mina, Patron Saint of the Order of the Bloody Rose
  • Silvana, Patron Saint of the Order of the Argent Shroud
  • Arabella, Patron Saint of the Order of the Sacred Rose

During the Age of Apostasy, the tyrannical rule of High Lord of Terra Goge Vandire brought the Imperium to its knees. Only the intervention of his chosen Ecclesiarchal bodyguard, known as the Daughters of the Emperor, saw Vandire’s Reign of Blood undone. Having been granted an audience with the Emperor Himself, a cadre of six Sisters confronted Vandire before their leader, Alicia Dominica, beheaded the traitor. During the subsequent reformation of the Ecclesiarchy, the Matriarchs went on to found the six Orders Militant.

Ecclesiarch Sebastian Thor

Another crucial player in the downfall of Goge Vandire was the masterful orator Sebastian Thor. He formed the Confederation of Light to spread a message of hope across a beleaguered Imperium, gathering countless millions of like-minded citizens to his cause as he made his way to Holy Terra. Thor’s crusade was eventually joined by elements of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Space Marines and even the Adeptus Custodes. Though his attack against Vandire’s forces faltered at first, he emerged victorious after Alicia Dominica slew the tyrant in his private chambers. Sebastian Thor then went on to play a crucial part in the Ecclesiarchy’s reformation.


One of the legendary Living Saints, Celestine has died and risen again to destroy the enemies of the God-Emperor many times. However, each time she returns to life, Celestine must first overcome hellish spiritual trials that would break a lesser being.* So revered is this Saint that she has even been given the honour of wearing the battle armour of Saint Katherine.

Lord Solar Macharius

A legendary hero of the Imperium, Solar Macharius is believed to be the greatest military commander in the history of the Astra Militarum. He spearheaded the Macharian Crusade, which led to almost a thousand worlds being returned to the Imperial fold in the wake of the Age of Apostasy.

Malcador the Hero

The Emperor’s right hand for many long centuries, Malcador the Sigillite became the First Lord of Terra during the dark days of the Horus Heresy, ruling the Imperium as steward after the Warmaster’s betrayal, while the Emperor performed his great works in secret. During the Siege of Terra, Malcador briefly took the Emperor’s place on the Golden Throne, freeing the Master of Mankind to face Horus in person. This act cost the Sigillite his life, and upon being returned to the Golden Throne, the Emperor named him Malcador the Hero for his selfless sacrifice.

The Loyal Primarchs

Over the millennia, all nine of the Primarchs who remained loyal to the Emperor have been canonised by the Ecclesiarchy.** Though some have fallen and others have been lost,*** each Primarch was a legendary hero of the Imperium whose sacrifices and mighty deeds will forever echo through the ages.

That’s just a handful of the Imperium’s sainted pantheon, but with more than a million worlds and a 10,000-year history, it’s no surprise, really! The cool thing is that you can include two of our favourite Saints in your Adepta Sororitas collection – you can order Celestine now, while the stunning Triumph of Saint Katherine is up for pre-order tomorrow!

* In fact, you can read all about the harrowing nature of Celestine’s rebirth in Andy Clark’s novel.
** Ironically, given their nature as strict adherents to the secular Imperial Truth, it’s unlikely that any of the Primarchs would have allowed this to happen were they present!
*** Of course, one has now returned