Posted 30/10/2018

(Re)Forged in Chaos

We love seeing hobbyists’ personal takes on the armies of the Mortal Realms – and Travis’ Slaves to Darkness army made up of Chaos-converted Stormcast Eternals is truly distinctive, with an incredible theme and some outstanding conversions and painting.

My name’s Travis, and I’ve wanted to put together an army of Chaos mortals for a long time, since the very early days of Age of Sigmar. When I’m working on a new army project, I like to put my own twist on things… so it took me a while to come up with an idea that I was happy with. I just have to come up with something to make the army unique. It can be as simple as a colour scheme I haven’t seen before, or a theme for the army that gives them a cool backstory – there just needs to be something about them that makes them distinctive.

The idea for my Slaves to Darkness army came to me when I was thinking about how the Stormcast Eternals are taken back to Azyr for reforging upon their death in the Mortal Realms. What would happen if they were intercepted along the way? With that simple idea, my army was born.

An army of Sigmar’s finest warriors, corrupted by the Gods of Chaos and turned to their own evil purposes. Once proud warriors of Sigmar, you could say they are now slaves to the sort of darkness that only the Chaos Gods can provide. After I had the idea in mind, I needed to flesh it out a bit more so that I could translate it into an army on the table. I decided that the ‘lesser’ warriors in the Slaves to Darkness army would be made up of the lower-ranked Stormcast, whereas the ‘higher’ ranked warriors would be made up of the more elite warriors.

As a result, I have Chaos Warriors, some wielding a pair of Chaos hand weapons and some carrying Chaos runeshields, who were formerly Stormcast Liberators. They march alongside Chaos Knights riding their War Steeds who once fought as Vanguard-Palladors atop their mighty Gryph-chargers.

Chaos Chosen wielding their Chaos greataxes were once Protectors carrying stormstrike glaives. There are even some lowly Chaos Marauders, once simple villagers who relied on the Stormcasts for protection but are now little more than fanatics.

The strongest of the former Stormcasts, the Heroes, have fallen the deepest into darkness. Relictors, once priests in the service of Sigmar, are now Chaos Sorcerer Lords. A Lord-Ordinator who mastered the arts of celestial engineering is now a Bloodstoker ally for the army, alongside a former Knight-Vexillor who has become a Bloodsecrator. There is very little of their former Stormcast lives remaining – which is reflected in the models themselves.

Assembling the army was very challenging. Every model has some level of kitbashing or modification applied, and I wanted to keep enough of the Stormcast Eternals models in place so that you could tell what each model was built from – all while retaining enough of a Chaotic touch to know that they’re no longer what they were before. There was a lot time spent removing or covering up Sigmarite iconography, but not all of it – some still remains. The Chaos Knights, in particular, were a great challenge, with the heads on the mounts taken from the Lord of Change model.

Painting the army was a challenge again. I decided early on that the army would be marked by Khorne, so the choice of a dark red for the armour was an easy one. I also wanted to make their armour look dented and scratched, like it wasn’t the pristine Sigmarite plate that it was before. A lot of time went into painting all the little scratches and dents on the armour, each one painstakingly highlighted.

The choice of the dark red colour scheme overall was a deliberate one and I wanted something bright and highly contrasting for the bases, hence the choice of ice and snow. The light blue and green base colours with the patches of white snow contrast with the darkness of the models overall to bring some much-needed light to the models.

Overall, I’m really happy with how the army turned out, and although it took me quite a while to put together and paint, I think the effort was well and truly worth it.

Currently, the army stands at 2,500 points, and in the future, I’d like to come back to it and add a Warshrine (formerly a Celestial Hurricanum) and maybe a small selection of monsters. The newer range of Stormcast Eternals models has also opened up some new kitbashing opportunities. For example, a Lord-Arcanum on Tauralon or Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore… So many possibilities still to discover! 

We can’t wait to see what Travis makes from the most recent Stormcast Eternals – and rest assured we’ll bring you the results when he does. In the meantime, if he’s inspired you to convert some Stormcast Eternals of your own, why not browse the range and get started?

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