Posted 09/03/2018

Blood and Faith – Part 2: Building a Daughters of Khaine Army

Earlier this week, we caught up with Chuck Moore from The Realm Gate Blog, as he talked about the tactics of his new favourite army, the Daughters of Khaine. Check out his thoughts on their rules here – and now, enjoy Chuck’s take on building an army list as he goes through the options and shows how he constructs an all-conquering force from the Khainite Cults.

Chuck: Hey Everyone! Chuck Moore, here again, to run through how I plan to build my Daughters of Khaine matched play army list. There are different schools of thought that I see going around online, and hopefully, my experience with the army both before and after the new battletome can help shed some light on how to get started building your list. One of the more prevalent lists I’m seeing is a Melusai-themed force – this is quite strong, but as you will see, I take a different approach to my own list.

Filling Out Your Battleline

Battleline units are compulsory, so beginning here is a natural starting point. For my list, I decided on two units of 30 Witch Aelves with paired sacrificial knives. I have been playing with maximum-sized units of Witch Aelves for a while now, and the number of attacks they can dish out is astounding as I push them forward into enemy lines. The Witch Aelf ability to run and charge in the same turn really gets them across the board quickly. Not neglecting my own objectives, I also added a unit of 10 Witch Aelves with bladed bucklers to give them a bit more defence. If possible, I plan to sit them in cover or add a Mystic Shield to ensure my backline isn’t left undefended.

Leading Your Cult

The Daughters of Khaine have a fair number of options when deciding who will lead the army. For my list, I can think of no other general than the High Oracle of Khaine herself, Morathi. I have managed a few games with her since she was released, and she is a force multiplier to any Daughters of Khaine army. She has three spells to cast in your hero phase and allows two of your units within 14″ of her to either shoot or (if they’re within 3″ of the enemy) pile in and attack. Since I opted for two maximum size units of Witch Aelves, it really allows them to shine and wipe enemy units off the table quickly.

I try to keep Morathi in her High Oracle form as long as possible. Even when she transforms, be it by choice or not, her new combat prowess can quickly dispatch an enemy flank or, at the very least, make the enemy keep their distance.

To round out my leadership, I chose a Bloodwrack Medusa for support, as well as a Hag Queen on foot and one on a Cauldron of Blood. Both Hag Queens are there to give my units of Witch Aelves the Witchbrew ability to prevent them from having to take battleshock tests. This allows them to be very stubborn as their losses are minimised (and be assured – you will lose Witch Aelves). The Hag Queen on the Cauldron of Blood can use the Bloodshield ability to shore up a flank if I feel my Witch Aelves need a bit more protection.

I gave my Hag Queen on foot the Blessing of Khaine prayer to ensure the Witch Aelves further from the Cauldron of Blood have a bit more survivability – this allows them to re-roll their Fanatical Faith save. In addition, my Hag Queen on the Cauldron will have Crimson Rejuvenation to heal the unit as the battle goes on. My Medusa has the Shroud of Despair spell, so I can drop my enemies’ Bravery. I also gave Morathi Mindrazor to take advantage of my enemies’ lower Bravery and help my Witch Aelves ensure they kill what they are fighting quickly.

Rounding Out Your Army

With the remaining points, I added in a unit of Sisters of Slaughter with bladed bucklers to back up the Witch Aelves on my back line. Their ability to pile in from 6″ away can swing the combat in my favour if the enemy gets too close. I also added an Avatar of Khaine on foot, which I feel to be very good for the points – and with a Hag Queen on foot, I can ensure it stays Animated each round.

Lastly, I added a unit of Khinerai Heartrenders to harass my opponent’s back line. Their Descend to Battle ability will allow me to drop them in my opponent’s lines and harass the foe with strong shooting while keeping away from combat due to their Death From Above ability that allows them to run and shoot. This ability also grants their barbed javelins a -2 to their Rend on the turn they are set up, so killing a key backline Hero shouldn’t be an issue if all goes well.

Putting It All Together

Morathi gives me a strong battlefield leader, while I use my Hag Queens and Witch Aelves to push forward on two flanks, causing as much damage as possible while hopefully shrugging off damage coming at them. My backline is held down with a small unit of Witch Aelves and Sisters of Slaughter. I can use my Avatar of Khaine to push forward as needed, or help hold down any objectives in my own territory. I drop my Khinerai Heartrenders behind my opponent’s line to harass, and possibly cause them to commit some errors and pull back to deal with the threat.

To put the cherry on top of the list, I chose to have my army be from the Khailebron temple for the -1 to hit my units in the shooting phase. This will help them get across the board in one piece. It is likely that I will be going second, as I have chosen no warscroll battalions and will often be last to finish deploying – so surviving until my first hero phase will be key.

Hopefully, I have offered some fun and interesting thoughts on how to build your Daughters of Khaine army. Whether you go with a horde of Witch Aelves, a smaller, more elite, force of Melusai and Khinerai, or something a bit more balanced like my list, be assured there is more than one way to play this army and you should explore which style suits you best.

Until next time, happy hobbying!


Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine
Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood
Hag Queen
Bloodwrack Medusa


30x Witch Aelves
30x Witch Aelves
30x Witch Aelves
10x Sisters of Slaughter


Avatar of Khaine


5x Khinerai Heartrenders

Thanks Chuck! We look forward to seeing how Chuck’s army gets on when he takes it to the battlefield – and we’d love to know how your armies do as well, so let us know on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page (with pictures!). If Chuck has inspired you to start your own Daughters of Khaine force, you can find the model range and battletome on the Games Workshop website now – and to test out army lists, check out the Warhammer Age of Sigmar app for iOS and Android devices, complete with the Azyr Roster Builder.

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