Posted 14/09/2017

The Three Hunters Return

The Hobbit™ Throne of Skulls tournament is just around the corner, and we have some exciting news for you.

Those in attendance this weekend will have the opportunity to pick up the latest models added to our range of Warhammer World and Event Exclusive products – the Three Hunters!

This classic Middle-earth™ Citadel Finecast set depicts Aragorn, Legolas™ and Gimli as they give chase to Saruman’s Uruk-hai Scouts, who have captured the helpless Merry and Pippin.

There will only be limited numbers of this returning Middle-earth product available across the weekend, so if you want to get your hands on the Three Hunters, make sure you get to Warhammer World on Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th September to purchase yours.

Please note that this set will not be available on the webstore following the event, but instead will only be available at the Warhammer World store in Nottingham and at other events across the globe in the future.

Tickets for this event have almost sold out. So if you haven’t bought yours yet, click HERE to get one now!

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