Posted 17/06/2017

Thunder & Blood

Getting started with Warhammer Age of Sigmar just got even easier with Thunder & Blood, your best opportunity yet to start telling your own stories of battle, bravery and bloodshed in the Mortal Realms.

Thunder & Blood is our latest Warhammer Age of Sigmar box set and it contains everything you need to start playing. It contains two sets of easy-to-build models cast in red and gold plastic, which means you’ll have two armies ready and looking great almost straight out of the box.

Warscrolls for every model, along with a rulebook and four special scenarios, allow you to get playing in no time, while a themed battle mat and card scenery means you’ll never be short of a thematic battleground to play on. If you’re new to Warhammer Age of Sigmar, we’ve included a 96-page handbook, covering the Realmgate Wars and the nine realms across which the forces of Order and Chaos do battle.

When you want to personalise your miniatures, the book also includes a guide suitable for painters of all levels – whether you’re a newcomer just looking to go over the essentials of basecoating, a gamer looking for quick tips on drybrushing to get an army tabletop ready as soon as possible, or a more experienced painter wanting to try techniques like glazing or adding rust and blood to your miniatures. Schemes for six Stormcast Eternals Chambers and six Bloodbound warbands are included for inspiration.

The miniatures themselves make a fantastic starting point for a new collection. For the Stormcasts, you’ll get two units of five Liberators, three Prosecutors, three Retributors and a Lord-Relictor to lead them.

The Bloodbound, on the other hand, have two units of ten Bloodreavers, five Blood Warriors, a Khorgorath, and a Bloodstoker.

You’re essentially getting two Start Collecting! boxes for the price of one – in fact, combining a Start Collecting! box with the contents here rounds out a versatile army for either faction, with both forces coming in at just under 1000 points in matched play (just enough room to squeeze in a key character, like a Skullgrinder or a Lord-Castellant).

Both beginners and experienced Warhammer Age of Sigmar players will find Thunder & Blood a great value way to start or bolster a Stormcasts or Bloodbound force.

Thunder & Blood is available to pre-order now – start your journey through the Mortal Realms online or via your local store on release day.

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