Posted 27/05/2017

Warhammer Fest Live Blog

[4:41 pm] What a weekend! We’ve got to pack everything up and head back to Nottingham now, so I hope you’ve enjoyed the live blog. Thanks to everyone who came along to Coventry, and we hope to see all of you back next year.

Sarah, out.

Day 2 – May 28th

[4:27 pm] And we have a Golden Demon winner! This fantastic diorama of a Vampire Lord offering his sword to Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead was painted by Michal Pisarski, and earned him the famous Slayer Sword for Best in Show at the Golden Demon: Classic event held today at Warhammer Fest.

Thanks very much to our judges (l-r) Darren Latham, Anja Wettergren and Joe Tomaszewski.

[3:45 pm] Here’s a collection of other photos I was able to grab over the weekend:

[3:30 pm] The last report from roving reporter Duncan has come in:

[3:00 pm] Loads of you have been lining up to pose with the Space Marines weapons again today! Here are a couple, but check out the rest over on our Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page.

[2:30 pm] Some exciting news out of Black Library!

[2:00 pm] Duncan is hanging out with some Space Marines and the Middle-earth team have done a fine presentation covering their recent releases, the models available first here at Warhammer Fest and a few peeks at what’s coming soon:

[12:45 pm] Our roving reporter, Duncan, is at it again today…

[12:05 pm] The ‘Eavy Metal team are here today giving presentations about painting Space Marines, with a focus on their heraldry.

[11:25 am] We’ve had some great news from Cubicle 7 about a new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game set in the Age of Sigmar that they are working on! Get updates from their website and sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on further announcements:

[11:15 am] Duncan is out interviewing folks again, and we even saw a Space Marine and a Battle Sister wandering the halls!

[10:30 am] White Dwarf are here celebrating their 40th birthday! Be sure to stop in and wish them Happy Birthday if you’re visiting Coventry today.

[9:20 am] Welcome back everyone! We’ve got our recafs ready and Day 2 of Warhammer Fest 2017 is just getting started. As you can see, Golden Demon entries are starting to appear in the display cases (more on that over the course of the day).

Day 1 – May 27th

[5:01 pm] Well guys, it’s been a great day here at the Ricoh Arena. Hope you’ve enjoyed the live blog today, and come back tomorrow for another day of celebrating all things Warhammer.

[5:00 pm] Pete Foley and Andy Smillie have just given a seminar about some of the upcoming Warhammer Community updates and showed off some pages from the new edition Index books along with two very interesting videos…

[4:15 pm] I haven’t had much of a chance to get over to the gaming tables today, but here’s a few shots of the Warhammer Live crew broadcasting some of the games (watch it live right now over on Twitch) as well as some of the awards that will be handed out tomorrow. I’ll be sure to bring you updates from the Awards Ceremony so come back tomorrow afternoon for that.

[4:00 pm] There are some really great displays up on the top floor:

[3:15 pm] We managed to get some more video from our roving reporter, Duncan.

[2:45 pm] Earlier on, we showed a picture of some folk wielding Space Marine weapons in front of a green screen… well, now we have a few of them processed. Take a look!

[2:30 pm] The Specialist Games studio has given a great seminar today and I got some images from that as well!

What’s next for Blood Bowl?

  • More Plastic Teams
  • More Dice Sets
  • More Pitches
  • Team Card Packs
  • More Star Players
  • More Booster Packs

[1:45 pm] A bit of news about Titanicus from the Specialist Games seminar and a few pictures from the Specialist Games display area…

  • Detailed tabletop wargame
  • Smaller scale than Warhammer 40,000
  • Set during the Horus Heresy
  • Wide range of Titans and Knights
  • Terrain and modular buildings
  • New rules inspired by the classic 1988 game
  • Out soon….ish

[1:10pm] When Duncan isn’t doing painting seminars today, he’s walking around being an all around nice guy and talking to all the attendees.

[1:00 pm] The first Forge World seminar has got out, and there are loads of great images coming out of there.

Regarding Horus Heresy Book Eight: Angelus, they had this to say about its contents:

  • The Blood Angels Legion
  • The Dark Angels Legion
  • Daemons
  • The Dark Mechanicum
  • The Night Lords Legion
  • Several narratives detailing the campaigns and battles of the Blood Angels and the Dark Angels through the early
    Horus Heresy and the Age of Darkness.

    • Signus Prime
    • The Thramas Crusade
    • The Persecution of Sarum
    • The Siege of Baal
    • The Passage of the Angel of Death
  • Background and history for the Dark Angels and Blood Angels
  • The Rise of the Dark Mechanicum
  • Daemons and Diabolism in the Horus Heresy!
  • New rules for the:
    • Blood Angels and Dark Angels
    • Night Lords
    • Dark Mechanicum
    • Daemon units 

Whew! That’s a lot to take in!

[11:45 am]  Folk are getting their first chance to play the new edition now.

We’ve already shown a few of these, earlier in the week, but here are the datasheets for all the models on the demo pods:

And in the demo pod room, they are also lining up to get their photos taken with the Space Marine weapons in front of the green screen. We’re going to replace the green screen with a bit of war zone from the 41st Millennium, and I’m sure we’ll have some of those up here later on.

Another very popular spot this morning is Warhammer TV’s Duncan doing a painting tutorial on one of the new Death Guard models from the Dark Imperium box.

[11:10 am] Up in the Forge World area, there is an awesome Titan dock display, showing the Adeptus Mechanicus getting the massive war machine ready for battle.

[10:50 am] Just had a quick look at the exhibit hall. I was almost immediately drawn in by a game called Doomwheel – it was the giant red button that caught my eye… Had lots of fun driving a Doomwheel over Clanrats and Assassins and collecting warpstone. Definitely, one to check out when it’s released this summer from Katsu Entertainment.

There was also a huge scale Terminator statue and Relic are have joined us, bringing Dawn of War III for everyone to play, and a big ol’ Ork statue. Next I’m off to see what’s going on in the seminars.

[10:25 am] Well, the doors are open and everyone is making their way to the various sections of the venue. I stopped by the demo pod area on the ground floor to see what they’re up to and found the team waiting to run intro games of the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. If you’re with us over the weekend, be sure to stop by and play a game.

[9:45 am] – Good morning and Happy Warhammer Fest day everyone! Sarah here. We’ve arrived at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, and the doors are about to open to the public. There is so much going on, and we’re so excited to see all of you who are coming along.

Of course, you can’t all be here, so I’ll be running this live blog all weekend to keep you up to date with everything coming out of the seminars, tournaments, demo pods, etc, so stay tuned.

To get things started, here is a bit from the programme:

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