Posted 20/02/2017

Closer Look – The Heroes

In the second of our series on the new Shadows over Hammerhal game, we are going to take a closer look at the heroes of Hammerhal, those noble adventurers that will soon be braving the deeps of the great city’s Chaos-tainted dungeons.

Arvios Sunhelm

A Lord-Castellant of the Hammers of Sigmar, this veteran of the Realmgate Wars fought at many of the great battles of that time. Now, he stands guardian over the great Free City of Hammerhal. Unlike many Stormcast Eternals Chambers, the Hammers of Sigmar are well integrated into the city populous – they act as living idols of the God-Kings benevolent light and mediate the many free races that call the Twin-tailed metropolis home.

In Warhammer Quest games, a Lord-Castellant is an area affect hero. He can be used to deal damage and stun whole groups of enemies, or a whole party of adventurers. His Castellant’s halberd also deals respectable damage. He’s not fast though, so you’ll need to rely on your comrades to chase down fast enemies (or maybe a loyal four-legged friend…).



Devoted companion to Arvios Sunhelm, Archimaine is a fierce and loyal Gryph-hound. The two have fought side-by-side for years.

Gryph-hounds are always companions, which work like heroes in the game, except they don’t gain renown, gold or artefacts. He is still a deadly ally to have by your side, though, and faster than the other heroes in the box.


An Aelven Loremaster of some skill, like many of his kind, Alnaryn can be aloof and arrogant, but his heart is pure and his blade is keen. He watches over the city for the looming threat of Dark Magic, and has foiled many a cultist plot and scheme in the years since the city’s founding.

The Loremaster character is skilled in close combat and with ranged attacks. His Hand of Glory magical ability can be used to further enhance his, or another hero’s, skill to super-natural levels. He can even use his preternatural reflexes to deflect arrows with his sword (sometimes)! 

Golnir Coalbeard

All Cogsmiths have a natural affinity for mechanisms and gadgets, but Golnir Coalbeard is a master craftsman even amongst his kind. He fought alongside Arvios Sunhelm to secure the land that the city of Hammerhal is founded upon and was even involved in the initial creation of the city’s vast defences, a task which he continues to improve upon to this day.

In the game, Cogsmith’s have a mini-arsenal of weapons to draw from making them very flexible heroes. The Grudge-Raker, in particular, can clear whole rooms of enemies with a bit of luck. His armour also gives him a solid save to deflect enemy blows.

Vizrin Kyre

A Black Ark Fleetmaster of dread reputation, Kyre is feared by the servants of Chaos across the realms (and probably by a good few in the forces of Order). Both a monster-hunter, and a skilled swordsman, Kyre is ostensibly retired from the adventuring life…

The most deadly of the heroes in a close range melee, and afforded protection from enemy missiles by his Sea Dragon Cloak, the Fleetmaster is a formidable addition to the team to round off our party of heroes.

So there you have it; those are the heroes that are involved in the story of Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammeral, and are included in the box, but they are far from the only models you can use.

The game is backward-compatible with any heroes you have from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, or the Arcane or Mighty Heroes expansions for that game. All the many heroes from various races that can be unlocked with the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Hero Cards are also available to choose from, letting you use your favourite characters from your Warhammer Age of Sigmar armies in Warhammer Quest games.

Well, that’s the goodies.

Tomorrow, we’ll have another article looking at the villains of the new game – the insidious Chaos followers that dwell beneath the Twin-tailed City…

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