Posted 21/01/2017

Tzaanuary: Tzaangor day!

The tide of change shows no signs of stopping this week, as Tzeetnch’s legions are further bolstered by the beastial Tzaangor.

The Tzaangor infantry, first seen in the Silver Tower set have a few new options in their multi-part plastic set. Mutants are the most ‘blessed’ and ferocious of the Tzaangor, while arcane banners allow them to channel the magic of nearby spellcasters in arcing bolts of deadly lightning. Finally, the Brayhorn (a nod to the Tzaangor’s beastmen origins) lets the unit run and charge.

Accompanying them are the deadly Skyfires and Tzaangor Enlightened. These units are the elite of the herd, blessed with daemonic mounts by their patron deity. The Skyfires are amongst the most tactically flexible unit in a Chaos army: incredibly fast, not too bad in a fight, and with one of the best ranged shooting attacks in the game. The other option are the equally deadly Enlightened – this unit uses the unnatural speed of the discs to get into combat quickly, where their deadly blades and scything disks can wreak havoc.

All three of these units, while deadly, become even more lethal in the presence of…

…the Tzaangor Shaman.

These arcane heroes are the leaders of Tzeentch’s beastherds.

Their magic is feral, but powerful, and can warp nearby enemies into Tzaangor, bolstering the depleted ranks of his own troops. Unlike a lot of wizards, he can also handle himself in a fight, while his Disc of Tzeentch gives him the speed he needs to get out of trouble, should he need to.

All of these units are available to pre-order now.

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