Posted 09/12/2016

Blood Bowl Refs!

James Hewitt, who helped produce the new season of Blood Bowl stopped by to tell us about the newest models from Forge World:

James: Of all the recent Blood Bowl releases, the Goblin and Halfling Referees are a personal favourite.

“Hey, wait,” I hear you say.

“You don’t need a model for the referee in Blood Bowl, do you?”

Well spotted, hypothetical reader – you do not. That doesn’t stop me wanting them, though! They’re utterly dripping (quite literally, in the case of the halfling’s sandwich) with character and old-school charm, just the sort of thing that dyed-in-the-wool Blood Bowl fans adore.


Of course, it’s a shame to have such lovely miniatures and not have a use for them. At the recent Full Beard Cup at Warhammer World, we heard several coaches discussing what they’d do with the refs; some were planning on using them as markers to track their re-rolls or the current turn, while others were going to use them as a reminder that they’d bought Bribe inducements. Great ideas both, but if you want something a bit more bespoke, good news! January’s White Dwarf will include a set of fun, optional rules for letting these pint-sized despots oversee your Blood Bowl matches.

Don’t be fooled by their size, though – these guys aren’t pushovers…

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