16 May 21

Sunday Preview – Soulblight, Space Marines, and the Scions of Mars

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We hope you’re sitting comfortably, as we have quite the preview ahead of us. If you need to, feel free to grab yourself a cup of tea (other beverages are also available) and treat yourself to a biscuit – we’ll wait.

Ready? Good. Let’s crack on, then, and what better way to start than with our traditional video run-through of all of the shiny new miniatures and books that are available to pre-order from next weekend.

Now you know what’s on its way, we’ll begin our breakdown of each of next week’s pre-orders by plunging our fangs into the jugular of the expanding Soulblight Gravelords range.

Start Collecting! Soulblight Gravelords

Now you’ve pre-ordered the new battletome, what better way to begin or reinforce your Soulblight Gravelords collection than with this Start Collecting! set? With 20 Grave Guard and five Black Knights, you get a solid foundation for your army, and you also pick up the amazing new Wight King on Skeletal Steed (which is exclusive to this set at time of launch) to lead your deathless minions into battle.

Dire Wolves

If you like the idea of your undead host marching into battle heralded by the sound of lupine howls, then be sure to bolster your collection with a unit or two of Dire Wolves. These ferocious predators serve the will of their immortal masters, racing ahead of all but the swiftest Gravelord riders to tear apart unwary prey with their slavering jaws. Available as a box of 10 miniatures, the Dire Wolves set provides your army with a vanguard unit that can speedily engage vulnerable enemies while your main host advances.

Belladamma Volga, First of the Vyrkos

On the topic of Dire Wolves, the dread matriarch of the Vrykos Soulblight bloodline, Belladamma Volga, wields the power of the Lycancurse, enabling her to devolve her victims into these lupine beasts. Mounted atop Rothaback, a fearsome pack alpha, Belladamma is a master of sorcery whose command over Dire Wolves is absolute.

If you want to get the most from your Dire Wolves, enlist the service of this ancient vampire and your gribbly, undead murder-beasts will be more ferocious than ever. Oh, and as you’d expect from the vampire lord of her status, Belladamma is a deadly adversary in her own right.

Radukar the Beast

In light of ‘recent events’ (no spoilers here!), Radukar underwent a hideous transformation into a hybrid form of vampiric monster. Now known as the Beast, he tears through anything in his path with wracking claws and an unearthly strength. As if that wasn’t enough, a pair of Vyrkos Blood-born loyally accompany their master, protecting his flanks and hewing down anyone fortunate enough to survive the initial onslaught of the Beast.

In his new and terrible form, Radukar is an unstoppable engine of destruction. If you add him to your army, all you need to do is point him in the direction of the heart of the enemy battleline and set him loose. He’ll slay them so hard your tabletop may even become permanently bloodstained by the slaughter…

Radukar the Wolf and Radukar’s Court

Radukar the Wolf depicts the mighty vampire lord of Ulfenkarn as he was before his transformation into the Beast. Radukar’s Court, meanwhile, represents the motley inner circle of retainers who serve the undying lord of the city. These two sets are only available from Games-Workshop.com, so be sure to head online next weekend to pre-order Ulfenkarn’s foremost denizens.

Kritza, the Rat Prince

The star of March’s first New Model Monday, Kritza’s transformation into an immortal vampire was far from intentional. Having been savaged almost unto death by Radukar, Kritza not only survived his ordeal but, by a quirk of fate, emerged as a fully fledged vampire – albeit one with a rodential twist.

Kritza’s unique apotheosis nonetheless makes him a formidable asset to a Soulblight Gravelords army. In addition to possessing the hitting power of a supernatural vampire, he can disappear into a swarm of rats only to morph back into his original form elsewhere, making him nigh unkillable.

Lady Annika, The Thirsting Blade

This murderous vampire was also featured in a New Model Monday article back in March. By far the most bloodthirsty of a bloodthirsty species, Lady Annika is a whirling dervish of fang and blade once the gore starts to flow. Her slender blade passes on the strength of those whose vital fluids it spills to its maniacal wielder, ensuring Lady Annika’s blood-soaked rampages last as long as there are foes to slay.

Lady Annika’s ultra-violent presence will bolster the effectiveness of any attack on the enemy battleline, so if you need a bit of extra hitting power, look no further.

Sticking with the Mortal Realms, let’s head over to the Beastgrave to see who else has braved the depths below the mountain.

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Kainan’s Reapers

The answer is, of course, Nagash’s hand-picked Ossiarch warriors known as Kainan’s Reapers. The members of this highly aggressive warband get inspired by earning Tithe counters. They achieve this by killing their enemies and looting their bones for the choicest samples to take back to their master. They may have come in search of the Silent People first and foremost, but they’ll happily settle for the bones of anyone else who gets in their way, too.

In addition to the six stunning miniatures that make up Kainan’s Reapers, the set includes 62 cards (plus six fighter cards) featuring gambits, upgrades, and objectives split between those that are unique to this warband and universal cards that are usable by any warband. Check in with us later this week for a look at all the new cards in the set, and get ready to pre-order Kainan’s Reapers from next weekend.

Next up, the Adeptus Mechanicus, Space Marines, Necrons, and even a legendary Drukhari gladiatrix are getting ready to take the galaxy by force – let’s check in with the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 pre-orders.

BL pre oreders 17 APRIL40K

Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus

Whether you wish to learn all about the Adeptus Mechanicus or seek to field them in battle, Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus is the source code you’re looking for. Luckily for you, it’s presented in a language you can understand rather than the binharic cant of its original form. Available as a 120-page hardback or thrice-blessed collector’s edition, the codex includes all the lore, bestiaries, new and improved rules (more on this in the coming days), and datasheets for the Adeptus Mechanicus, as well as a stunning miniatures showcase and more besides.

SundayPreview Apr18 AM Codex

Datacards: Adeptus Mechanicus

To help you make the most of your shiny new codex, you’ll want to grab a set of datacards too. This 57-card set includes easy-reference datacards for all of the Stratagems, Doctrina Imperatives, and Canticles of the Omnissiah available to the Adeptus Mechanicus and their mightiest forge worlds. These datacards make keeping track of your assets on the battlefield an absolute breeze (even Mars has wind, after all – those red dunes didn’t form all by themselves).

SundayPreview Apr18 AM Datacards

Adeptus Mechanicus Dice Set

The first undeniable truth that the Tech-Priests learn upon their indoctrination into the Cult Mechanicus is that to channel the favour of the Omnissiah, one must bear the seal of the Cog Mechanicum. If you, too, seek to appease the Machine God in this manner, make sure you pick up this set of 20 dice, each of which bears the Cog Mechanicum in place of a 6 (which also serves as proof that they don’t just display 0s and 1s).

SundayPreview Apr18 AM DiceSet

Combat Patrol: Adeptus Mechanicus

The Adeptus Mechanicus are about to become the latest faction to welcome a bespoke Combat Patrol set to their range. This box comprises a hand-picked selection of Adeptus Mechanicus units designed to provide you with an easy way to start playing Warhammer 40,000 with your faction of choice.

It features a Tech-Priest Enginseer, an Onager Dunecrawler, three Kataphron Destroyers (or Breachers), and a squad of 10 Skitarii Rangers (or Vanguard) – making a 20 Power Level force all for less than buying the units individually. This Combat Patrol set is a no-brainer if you’re looking to start an army to serve the Omnissiah, but it also makes for a great addition to an existing collection.*

Skitarii Marshal

Whether you’re after an alternative leader to a Tech-Priest or another support option for your Adeptus Mechanicus phalanx, a Skitarii Marshal is exactly what you’re looking for. Among the most senior Skitarii, Marshals have been chosen for their skill and expertise, and they make an excellent addition to your collection both on and off the battlefield.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

While we’re on the topic of Mars’ foremost agents, we’ve got some exciting news about Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus. While this immersive deep-dive into the way of the Cult Mechanicus may have been out on a number of platforms for a while, the game’s creators, Bulwark Studios, have been hard at work bringing it to Google Tablets and Apple iPads too. Well, the wait is now over, so grab your dataslate of choice, head over to the relevant app store, and download it today.

Drukhari – Lelith Hesperax

It’s not just about the Adeptus Mechanicus next weekend for Warhammer 40,000 – all you realspace raiders out there can also pick up the undisputed queen of the arena herself, Lelith Hesperax. Available separately as a plastic miniature for the first time, this duellist extraordinaire is a must-have for any budding Archon who needs an enemy Warlord – or rival, for that matter – cutting down to size. After all, there are a great many ways to die in Commorragh.

Necrons – Chronomancer and Flayed Ones

The Necrons also have reinforcements inbound next week in the form of the Chronomancer and Flayed Ones. Previously only available in Kill Team: Pariah Nexus, these kits are available to pre-order separately from next weekend.

Adeptus Astartes – Captain with Master-Crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle and Heavy Intercessors

Similarly, the Space Marines half of the miniatures in Kill Team: Pariah Nexus – the hotly anticipated Heavy Intercessors and Gravis-armoured Captain toting a master-crafted heavy bolt rifle – will also be available to pre-order separately for the first time.

Combat Patrols

The Necrons and Space Marines ranges are also about to be bolstered by Combat Patrol sets. Each is designed to be an army-in-a-box that’s ideal for representing a Patrol Detachment for Combat Patrol-sized games, they’re fantastic options for starting a new collection or bolstering an existing one, as they save you money compared to picking up their constituent units separately.

The Necrons set includes a choice of 10 Immortals or Deathmarks, and a Night Scythe or Doom Scythe, as well as a unit of swift Tomb Blades and an Overlord to lead them. Meanwhile, the Space Marines force comprises a unit of 10 Infiltrators, an Impulsor to carry them, a Lieutenant in Phobos Armour to lead them, as well as units of 3 Eliminators and 3 Suppressors for some hefty fire support.

Black Library’s Dark Imperium series continues apace next weekend, with the third book in the series on its way, and new ways to catch the first two instalments as well.

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Guy Haley’s Dark Imperium novels have brought the grim darkness of the far future to life ever since the Cicatrix Maledictum first tore open across the galaxy. The updated edition of the first, self-titled novel in the Dark Imperium series is officially back next weekend, available as a hardback, eBook, and as an MP3 audiobook.

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Book 2 in the series, Plague War, tells of Mortarion’s grand invasion of the Ultramar System, and how Roboute Guilliman led his Ultramarines in a dogged defence of the 500 Worlds. Plague War is also available in hardback, eBook, and MP3 audiobook formats.

SundayPreview May16 PlagueWar2kdl4

The events of the Plague War come to a head in Godblight, the third book in the series, as the rival Primarchs come face-to-face on the corrupted garden world of Iax. You can pick up the latest thrilling instalment in hardback, eBook, as an MP3 audiobook, or as one of 750 premium quality, special edition numbered copies signed by author Guy Haley himself. On the topic of Guy, we spoke to him so he could spill the beans about Godblight so you can learn more.

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As usual, next week will bring another seven glorious days of articles, previews, reveals, and more right here on Warhammer Community. We’ll have news on the upcoming Adeptus Mechanicus codex, new lore on Vyrkos dynasty of Soulblight vampires, as well as loads more for Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and many of your other favourite games.

Of course, that’s not all – the Warhammer TV crew has plenty of live shows to keep you entertained over the coming days. In fact, here’s the schedule for this week so you can plan your viewing.

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