Posted 30/10/2016

Paint Splatter: Stormhawk Interceptor

This Paint Splatter provides handy tips and a stage-by-stage painting guide for the Stormhawk Interceptor, painted in the colours of the Ultramarines.

Paint Economically

When it comes to painting miniatures, there are often a few really easy ways of speeding things up. We used Macragge Blue spray to basecoat this Stormhawk because its armour is predominantly blue. Basecoating this way is much quicker than basecoating by hand, and it’s a lot neater, too. Another handy tip is to apply washes at the same time. On this model, both the engines and the hull receive a wash of Nuln Oil. By applying the wash at the same time, after both areas have been basecoated, you’ll save on drying time.

Drybrushing is the perfect painting technique for Space Marine vehicles, giving them a weathered, battle worn appearance without ruining their bright heraldry. First, though, the Stormhawk was basecoated Macragge Blue and washed with Nuln Oil to add depth to the recesses of the model. The whole aircraft was then drybrushed with successively lighter shades of blue. It’s important, though, to drybrush only the edges of the armour panels rather than the whole vehicle, otherwise you’ll leave the armour looking chalky with a pastel finish, rather than the strong, bold blue we’re after.

The final touch was a stippling of Fenrisian Grey on the edges of the craft most likely to take bangs and scuffs. Stippling requires just as little paint as drybrushing, but is applied by stabbing the brush lightly into the model rather than brushing it across it. Rhinox Hide was then carefully stippled onto the Fenrisian Grey patches to make it look like the paint had been worn down to the primer.

Ceramite Fuselage

ceramite-fuselage1 ceramite-fuselage2 ceramite-fuselage3 ceramite-fuselage4 ceramite-fuselage5 ceramite-fuselage6

Plasteel Engines

plasteel-engines1 plasteel-engines2 plasteel-engines3

Golden Aquila

golden-aquila1 golden-aquila2 golden-aquila3

Exhaust Grime


Targeting Array

targeting-array1 targeting-array2 targeting-array3


scanners1 scanners2 scanners3 scanners4 scanners5

Skyhammer Warheads

skyhammer-warheads skyhammer-warheads1 skyhammer-warheads3

Squadron Markings

squadron-markings1 squadron-markings2 squadron-markings3

transfer-tipsTop transfer tips

Before applying transfers, clean out your water pot and carefully wash your brush, otherwise you can end up transferring dirty paint water to your model when you move the transfer into place. Apply a layer of Lahmian Medium over the transfer once the transfer is dry to help seal it in place. Lastly, apply transfers before you add any weathering so the decals become weathered too.

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