Flight Plan: Aces Away!

Ace Pilots are more than just a fun, thematic addition to your squadron. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer!

17 Nov 20

Batteries Included

Check out this week’s Forge World pre-orders – Ground Assets that add some anti-aircraft firepower to your Aeronautica Imperialis force.

06 Nov 20

Sunday Preview: The Road to Godhood

This week in Warhammer, there are Broken Realms, Bugman’s heir, books, and big guns to shoot down tiny planes. Check it all out!

01 Nov 20

Forge World: Bommers and Bonegrinders

Check out this week’s Forge World pre-orders, plus grab the updated warscroll for the Bonegrinder Gargant.

16 Oct 20

Flight Plan: Mega Air WAAAGH!

And you thought Eavy Bommers were big… Prepare to have your mind blown – not to mention any ground targets.

15 Sep 20

Nick Bayton Joins the Air Caste

Warhammer TV’s Nick Bayton has been painting T’au Air Caste aircraft for Aeronautica Imperialis – here’s his guide to how he did it.

26 Aug 20

Underground Dogfights

Learn all about how you can fly underground.

18 Aug 20

Sunday Preview: Snotlings on the Pitch, Blades in the Underhive

Take a look to see what’s coming up in the next seven days of Warhammer.

16 Aug 20

Forge World Pre-order – Airborne Reserves

Imperial flyers rejoice! The latest Aeronautica Imperialis reinforcements are available to order right now…

07 Aug 20

The Forges are Relit

Take a look at the great news about the return of Forge World pre-orders.

29 Jul 20

Flight Plan: Reinforcements Inbound

Take a look at the rules for the Arvus Lighter and Vulture Gunship – coming soon from Forge World.

21 Jul 20

My Warhammer? YOUR Warhammer

My Warhammer is here and you’re going to want it! Read on to learn more…

20 Jul 20

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