Forge World Pre-order – Airborne Reserves

Imperial flyers rejoice! The latest Aeronautica Imperialis reinforcements are available to order right now…

07 Aug 20

The Forges are Relit

Take a look at the great news about the return of Forge World pre-orders.

29 Jul 20

Flight Plan: Reinforcements Inbound

Take a look at the rules for the Arvus Lighter and Vulture Gunship – coming soon from Forge World.

21 Jul 20

My Warhammer? YOUR Warhammer

My Warhammer is here and you’re going to want it! Read on to learn more…

20 Jul 20

Flight Plan: The Sky’s on Fire

Tiny planes are a big deal – find out what the new Aeronautica Imperialis box brings to your game table.

23 Jun 20

Pre-order Now: Skies of Fire

Take your games of Aeronautica Imperialis to new heights with a starter box, campaign book, and two more factions!

06 Jun 20

Take to the Skies with the T’au Air Caste

The Air Caste is coming to Aeronautica Imperialis – learn all about the pilots of the T’au Empire.

05 Jun 20

Faction Focus – Astra Militarum

Ever wonder how the Imperial Guard gets their troops close enough to put those infamous bayonets to use? Learn all about their aircraft!

03 Jun 20

Faction Focus – T’au Air Caste

A new challenger appears in the war-torn skies of Aeronautica Imperialis. Find out what makes the T’au Air Caste soar.

02 Jun 20

Sunday Preview – Skies of Fire

Learn all about the next massive Aeronautica Imperialis release as the T’au Air Caste prepares to engage, plus handy gaming aids and more!

31 May 20

Small Footprint, Big Warhammer Fun! 

Locked down but still want to share some games with your roommates or family? Take a look at this list to see which ones might be best for you.

05 May 20

Our Collections: Nick Bayton 

Our own Nick Bayton digs small-scale gaming. His enthusiasm for Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis is infectious. 

02 May 20

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