25 Jun 20

Marvel and Warhammer: The First Comic Revealed

Last year, a legendary alliance was forged – Marvel Comics and Warhammer. Your favourite stories, worlds and characters brought to life by the planet’s most iconic comic makers? Sounds good to us! Today, we’re incredibly excited to reveal the first fruits of this new partnership – a series about the iconic Space Marine hero: Marneus Calgar.

One of the 41st Millennium’s most famed warriors, Marneus Calgar is a champion of Humanity whose legacy goes right back to the earliest days of Rogue Trader. He’s a paragon of what makes a Space Marine a Space Marine, though his origins have always remained a mystery – until now. This new comic series will, at last, tell the origin story of this exemplar of the Adeptus Astartes, even going back as far as his time as a child on Nova Thulium. But who could deliver such a terrific tale? Meet the super-team assembled for such a task…

The Team

Kieron Gillen is more than just a legend of the comics world – with successful runs on Thor, Iron Man and more under his belt – he’s maybe one of the world’s biggest Warhammer fans, too. From the much-beloved Crown of Destruction comic to recent work on the Total War: Warhammer series, Gillen marries storytelling skill with a love of the 41st Millennium that borders on terrifying. He’s also a pretty good painter! 

Like your futures grim and dark? You’ll like Jacen Burrows, an artist whose gothic, grisly style is a perfect match for the worlds of Warhammer. From eldritch horror to apocalyptic carnage, Burrows’ bold and arresting art promises to truly do the nightmare of the 41st Millennium justice.

The team at Marvel have worked hand in hand with the Warhammer Studio throughout the making of the Marneus Calgar comic to ensure that everything looks and feels like the 41st Millennium you know and love. Our loremasters and hawk-eyed reviewers have ensured that from bolters to [redacted],* this is an accurate and 100% official portrait of the grim darkness of the far future. 

When will Marneus Calgar be out? We’ll let you know as soon as we have the details. For now, though, feast your eyes on the stunning cover from the first issue in this landmark series!

If, like us, you saw that cover art and suddenly felt the burning need to paint a Marneus Calgar model (or three), good news, we’ve got you covered – secure this legend of the Ultramarines today.

* No spoilers!