Posted 13/04/2018

It Still Only Counts As One

One of the most breathtaking and memorable sequences in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King™ is the charge of the Mûmakil. Dozens of great elephantine beasts lumber across the Pelennor Fields, crushing Riders of Rohan, the Haradrim in the towering howdahs atop their leathery backs firing down at their foes. It’s also been a favourite scene for many gamers to recreate on the tabletop using the fabulous War Mûmak of Harad kit. And now you can make it even more screen accurate as Forge World release an upgrade kit for the War Mûmak.

This kit includes a complete plastic War Mûmak of Harad, plus a host of resin accessories. There are replacement tusks, with added decoration (including some lethal-looking spikes), a new trunk, and ears with ropes attached to them, the other ends of which are in the hands of a fabulous Mûmak War Leader. Modelled after the one from the movie, he is straining to turn the Mûmak towards his enemies, and includes a viciously spiky command pole on his back. And in case he survives the fall of a Mûmak (as if such a mighty creature could ever be killed… maybe just watch out for woodland elves), there’s an additional model of the War Leader on foot to continue the fight and get revenge.

The Mûmak War Leader and his mount can be used in a Harad and Umbar force, and you can get his rules in this handy downloadable PDF, ready to read and plan your army list while you wait for your model – available to pre-order now from the Forge World webstore.

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