Posted 12/10/2017

Clash of Heroes: Part 1

Jay Clare: Here in the office we are constantly asking ourselves the big questions, such as who is actually the best between Legolas & Gimli, or how many blocks of cheese could Bombur get through in one sitting? One question that was posed was which of the major Heroes in the game would win in a ‘last Hero standing’ knock-out tournament? I posed this question to seven other members of the office and we decided to settle this crucial question.

The rules were simple:

  • Heroes had to have 3 Attacks and 3 Wounds.
  • They could not be mounted.
  • They started 1″ away from each other, and had to Charge if able.
  • Once a Hero was slain, they were out!

Each person could choose one Good Hero and one Evil Hero; here is what everyone chose:

Adam Troke: Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth & The Goblin King

Ben Bailey: Elrond™, Lord of the West & Azog

Gavin Newton: Boromir, Captain of the White Tower & Bill the Troll

Jay Clare: Beorn & Bolg

Keith Robertson: Glorfindel, Lord of the West & Buhrdûr

Michael Bax: Dain Ironfoot, Lord of the Iron Hills & Suladân the Serpent Lord

Rob Macfarlane: Aragorn, King Elessar & Gothmog, Lieutenant of Sauron

Sam Jeffery: Gil-galad & Shagrat, War Leader of Cirith Ungol

Here is how they paired up in round 1:

Match 1

 Boromir (Gavin) vs The Goblin King (Adam)

The first match of the contest saw the mighty Boromir take on the fearsome Goblin King. Gavin had elected to take the Banner of Minas Tirith™ for Boromir, which gave him the advantage of a higher Fight value. Over the first few turns, The Goblin King called successive Heroic Strikes, leaving him out of Might. However, in each instance, Boromir called a Heroic Strike of his own and won each of the fights. From then on, Boromir’s superior Fight value carried the day and, eventually, the son of Gondor managed to cut through the Goblin King’s blubbery hide, felling the grotesque creature!

Match 2

Dain Ironfoot (Michael) vs Buhrdûr (Keith)

Match 2 paired the Lord of the Iron Hills against Buhrdûr in what promised to be a close fight. The first turn saw Buhrdûr win the Duel and deal a single Wound to Dain. From there it went from bad to worse for the Dwarf, as try as he might, Dain was unable to win a single Duel roll, allowing the hulking Hill Troll enough opportunities to Rend his foe and secure a place in the second round!

Match 3

Elrond (Ben) vs Bill the Troll (Gavin)

Elrond started this fight positively, utilising his free Heroic Strike each turn to win the first few Duel rolls and deal 2 Wounds to Bill. With Bill down to 1 Wound, Elrond won another Duel roll, and sensing a quick victory, spent 2 of his Might to cause 1 Wound – however, the Troll still had its Fate point and, with Gavin rolling a 5, hung on. Injured, the Troll needed to win the next fight to have any chance of victory. Calling a Heroic Strike, Bill was finally able to best Elrond and opted to Keep ’em for Later – Paralysing the Elven Lord. With Elrond unable to break free, Bill charged into his foe (on the second time of asking) and minced him fine – earning a desperate and hard-fought victory!

Match 4

Glorfindel (Keith) vs Suladân (Michael)

This was Michael’s chance to gain vengeance on Keith for his earlier defeat; however, on paper, this seemed like a mismatch, and reality did little to prove otherwise. Although Suladân did manage to inflict 1 Wound on Glorfindel, it didn’t take long for the Lord of the West to live up to his fearsome reputation, and he swiftly dispatched the Serpent Lord, and Michael, from the competition, and entered the next round.

Match 5

Gil-galad (Sam) vs Azog (Ben)

Thanks to Gil-galad’s spear, Aiglos and Azog’s ‘I am Master’ special rule, both characters would easily be able to inflict Wounds on their opponent should they win a Duel. Gil-galad successfully won the first fight and dealt 2 Wounds to Azog. However, Azog fought back strongly, winning the second Duel roll and inflicting 3 Wounds upon the Elven Lord. Luckily for Sam, Gil-galad passed his Fate roll and stayed in the fight. It all came down to the final Duel roll, with both Azog and Gil-galad down to 1 Wound, with no Fate points remaining. Fortune did not favour the Elves this day as Azog not only won the fight but dealt a further 3 Wounds to Gil-galad – sealing his place in round 2!

Match 6

Aragorn (Rob) vs Bolg (Jay)

There was another tense match-up as the King of Gondor fought the spawn of Azog. Aragorn made great use of his free point of Might, countering each of Bolg’s Heroic Strikes with one of his own. Winning each tied fight, Aragorn was able to deal severe damage to Bolg who, despite his best efforts, was quickly slain over the course of three combats. Victory belonged to the King of Gondor, who would now face Azog in the next round.

Match 7

Beorn (Jay) vs Gothmog (Rob)

Round 7 may have seemed straightforward for Beorn, but he would need to transform into his bear-form quickly in order to gain a swift victory. However, with Gothmog winning Priority, Beorn stayed as a man. Luckily for Jay, Beorn’s superior Fight value won out, and he inflicted 2 Wounds upon Gothmog. The following turn saw Gothmog win Priority, and once more prevented Beorn from transforming; yet this did not stop him from wounding the deformed Orc again. With Gothmog injured, Rob called a Heroic Move to prevent Beorn from transforming into a bear and, whilst successful in the act, Gothmog still lost the fight. The next round finally saw Beorn turn into his bear-form, unleashing his full fury upon Gothmog and claiming victory!

Match 8

Imrahil (Adam) vs Shagrat (Sam)

The final match of round one pitted the Prince of Dol Amroth against Shagrat, War Leader of Cirith Ungol. The opening few rounds of combat saw both Heroes win fights and inflict Wounds upon the other. Whenever Shagrat managed to Charge Imrahil, the prince elected to Shield, ensuring that he would win the fight and not be knocked prone by Shagrat’s Shield of Cirith Ungol. With both fighters weary and hurt from many gruelling rounds of combat, the decisive blow was struck – Shagrat was finally able to defeat the Prince of Dol Amroth, and advance into the second round.

So, the dust has settled after the first round; eight Heroes have fallen but another eight go marching forth – here is how the matchups look after round 1.

Who do you think will win the first ever Middle-earth™ Clash of Heroes? Make sure you read next week’s blog to find out!

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