Posted 14/08/2017

Narrative Play in the General’s Handbook 2017

Narrative Play in Warhammer Age of Sigmar allows you to create thrilling stories, either re-enacting epic clashes from the background or writing a few of your own. In the General’s Handbook 2017, new narrative play rules are designed to give imaginative players a ruleset upon which they can create scenarios of their own devising.

The Mortal Realms are immensely varied, and thanks to new Time of War rules, you’ll be able to reflect this on the tabletop in exciting new ways. Each realm has an associated spell that any Wizard fighting in it can cast, as well as several unique effects. Battles on the shores of the Gnawing Sea in Ghur force players to fight around wild beasts – try it out in your own games with the rules below:

These rules aren’t just for your narrative play games, and the Time of War rules are easily usable in matched play and are tactically challenging as well as fun and thematic.

There are loads of new Battleplans for narrative play games, designed specially with one purpose – creating exciting battles packed with dramatic moments. We’ve taken these from the Realmgate Wars books and adapted them to allow any army to take part. These include Against the Horde, which pits a force of guerilla fighters against an enormous combined force in a desperate mission of assassination, while To Bind the Storm turns every single hero in your army into a lightning wielding Wizard battling to defend or destroy a mighty edifice:

Siege battles are a new way to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar, allowing for tense defensive warfare in a collection of new Battleplans. These rules can be used to represent a variety of scenarios – perhaps a crumbling fortress reinforced by the Stormcast Eternals as a new holdfast in the Mortal Realms, a wall of Sylvaneth Wyldwoods raised to halt a rampaging horde of Ironjawz or even an aerial assault from a pack of Terrorgheists against a Kharadron Overlords skyport.

These games aren’t just good for creating deep narratives – each Siege Battleplan is a test of both players’ cunning, and each battle begins with a special Siege phase that allows you to tunnel under your opponent’s fortifications or starve the defenders ahead of the battle. These rules are scalable too – your sieges can range from desperate battles over barricades between bands of skirmishers to an all-out assault on a Chaos Dreadhold. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to build your dream fortress, this is it.

If you want to try these rules out for yourself, pre-order your copy of the General’s Handbook 2017 on Saturday

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