Posted 13/08/2017

Forge World Open Day Live Blog

[4:00 pm BST]

Cheers guys – that’s it for Forge World Open Day! It’s been an exciting one, with the reveal of Necromunda and loads more great models besides. Whether you made it in person this time around or not, we hope to see you next year. In the meantime, we’re signing off for now.

– Sarah & Rhuairidh & Nick

[3:40 pm BST]

Open Days are as good an excuse as any for some games of Warhammer, from skirmishes with hastily assembled recent purchases – “I just want to see what it does!” – to massive Titan battles. We’ve seen a 60,000(!) point game rumbling on throughout the day, and smaller battles rages on tables across the hall. As always, we’ve given players the chance to test out some Titans of their own with our Titan game:

[3:30 pm BST]

There have been some awesome entries in our painting competition – here’s a couple that caught our eye during the day:

The winner was Sam P, with a Sons of Horus themed Lightning Strike Fighter.

[2:50 pm BST]

Over in the worlds of Middle-earth™, there’s some exciting new stuff in store. Firstly, we’ve got the Gundabad Orc upgrade set. This kit allows you to modify your Gundabad Orc Swordsmen, Gundabad Orc Spearmen, and the Gundabad Orc Captain with new weapons, helmets and even a banner.

We also got to check out an awesome Lake-town Armies on Parade board, and we’re looking forward to seeing the models for it on Parade Day! (Have you got your entry ready yet?)

[2:10 pm BST]

Did you notice the laspistol on the new Escher Ganger we revealed earlier? This is the same laspistol we took a sneak peek at in our recent Rumour Engine:

[1:55 pm BST]

There are loads of new tank doors on the way for both the Horus Heresy and the 41st Millennium. As well as our traditional packs for Land Raiders and Rhinos (including Deimos Pattern Rhinos), you can expect to see doors for every loyalist Chapter that will work great for customising your new Repulsor!

[1:05 pm BST]

The fleets of the T’au Air Caste are being reinforced with the re-made Tiger Shark AX-1-0 – a fast moving tank destroyer armed with two heavy rail cannons. There’s also upcoming variants with burst cannons and ion cannons on display:

Talking of big guns, over in the hall, gamers are getting their chance to try out some of the best weapons in the 41st Millennium against some hapless Imperial Knights in our “firing range”.

[12:30 pm BST]

Do you like dragons? If you’re reading this, we can reasonably assume the answer is “yes” or “BY SIGMAR, SHOW ME SOME DRAGON”. We’ve had a chance to take a closer look at sculptor Trish Carden’s gigantic Khornate Dragon – we’ve glimpsed this at previous events but it’s worth a closer look here with a Stormcast Eternal for scale:

[11:50 am BST]

There’s some great new Legio Custodes stuff on sale today for the first time! As well as the massive Orion Assault Dropship, there’s the Aquilon Terminators – including a special variant wielding scary looking infernus firepikes. If you’re a Space Marine Legions player, we also got a good look at both the Legion Arcus Strike Tank and the Legion Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer – a Sicaran Tank armed with a pair of massive plasma weapons.

[11:10 am BST]

Good news sports fans – there’s loads of cool new kit on the way for Blood Bowl. Here’s Jim & Bob with the latest:

Jim: We’re reporting LIVE from the Forge World Open Day! Isn’t that exciting Bob?

Bob: Certainly is Jim. I think I saw one of my old Troll rivals out there.

Jim: Looking very well for his age! And for the fact he’s a Troll.

Bob: It’s all the Halflings he’s eaten, I bet. I hear they do wonders for the skin…

Jim: Ah, and it looks like some new signings for the Elven Union! Typical – they always show up ‘fashionably late’ after the rest of us. But you gotta give ’em credit – those uniforms are magnificent!

Bob: Can’t say it’d do much to protect them against a decent tackle, but then again, you’d have to catch them first.

So, it’s not ALL about Necromunda today – there’s also a Troll, some Elves, some new dugouts, and tokens for a Chaos Renegades team.

[10:25 am BST]

Well, the doors are open and many happy hobbyists have filed into the hall.

I think it’s fair to say that there is a bit of a buzz around the return of Necromunda – so we’ve gathered all the key bits in a separate post over HERE.

[9:25 am BST]

Hey there, everyone!

Sarah here, from the Warhammer Community team – Rhuairidh, Nick and I are here at Warhammer World this fine Sunday morning bringing you live coverage of the Forge World and Specialist Games Open Day.

The doors aren’t quite open yet, but we may as well get started with a look inside the event program:

Well, well, well… looks like it’s going to be quite the exciting Open Day! Stay tuned throughout the day for more updates. It’s not long now until they start letting people into the main hall, so we’ll be back soon once we get inside.

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