Posted 20/06/2017

Forge World Titan Competition: The First Winner!

Forge World’s Win-a-Titan competition has drawn to a close, with 100 runners up receiving a £25 gift voucher and one lucky winner receiving a Warlord Titan*.

We caught up with grand prize recipient Adrian O, who was nice enough to talk to us about his brand new Titan.

What does it feel like to win?

FANTASTIC. To be honest, when I got the email saying “Congratulations You’ve Won a Titan”, I was on night shift and was struggling to stay awake. I immediately thought it was one of my mates pranking me. It wasn’t until I saw the signature was from Forge World that I realised it was a legitimate email. Once this happened, I think my offsider thought I had lost the plot (he thought I must have won the lotto and it resulted in a conversation about how much of a nerd I am).

What Titan and load-out have you selected?

I went with the Mars pattern alpha head, to go with the Mars pattern Warlord body. A sunfury plasma annihilator, Belicosa volcano cannon and twin laser blasters (to be honest I went with what I thought looks good, I have yet to buy Horus Heresy Book V Tempest).

What Titan House you intend to paint it as?

I’m not sure at this stage, I only have loyalist armies and xenos (heresy I know, but you need something in your showcase for the mighty armies of the Imperium to crush) so probably a loyalist Legion. However, the paint scheme for the Carrion Rex done by Jonathan on The Titan Owners Club may persuade me to go with a Legion of less repute (I may just have to write some fluff about a maniple that remained loyal to the Emperor).

Is this your first Titan?

No, I have a Reaver Titan with two Laser blasters and an Apocalypse missile launcher that I bought last November (after spending for nearly 4 years deciding whether to buy it or not). It has been sitting in its box waiting for some attention as I haven’t worked up the nerve to start assembling it (it is already cleaned and washed). However, when I received the email saying I’d won the Warlord, I figured I had better start on it, otherwise, I would never have the nerve to build the Warlord. So far, I have the legs assembled (which was a steep learning curve) and am ready to prime the interior detail so I can paint that. Once that is done, I’ll build the torso and then start on the exterior, I’m aiming to have it completed late July. Once that’s done, I’ll start on the warlord.

Are you planning to use it in a game?

Definitely! My mate has two Reavers and four Warhounds, so I have plenty of engines to hunt with my Reaver and Warlord (even if points-wise they have drawn the short straw).

Thanks Adrian – best of luck in your games ahead!

If you missed out on your chance to win but still want a Titan of your own, try out our Warlord Titan Builder on

*This isn’t our only Win-a-Titan draw – Forge World fans in the US and Canada still have a chance to win with a prize draw on the 3rd of July.

For a full list of all the winners, click here.

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