Posted 01/04/2017

Blood for the Blood God!

The new Battletome for the forces of Khorne in the Mortal Realms is available to pre-order today.

Chaos Battletome: Blades of Khorne is your essential guide to armies of the Blood God in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It covers the rich (and bloody) background and lore of these ferocious armies, both mortal and daemonic, and explores some of the most infamous legions and their colour schemes.

Of course, a major chunk of the new book is dedicated to the new rules. This book is, in effect, the Khorne equivalent of the recent Disciples of Tzeentch book  – it is invaluable for all armies that have a Khorne allegiance, including Bloodbound, Daemons and Slaves to Darkness forces that have given over their souls to the Blood God. New rules content includes new battalions, prayers, artefacts and a brand new Allegiance Ability.

The Allegiance Ability, in particular, is a huge change to the way these armies are going to play on the tabletop. Similar to the Khorne Daemonkin of the 41st Millennium, it allows you to amass points as units die (both yours and your opponent’s, Khorne cares not…) and then spend those points to do all sorts of useful stuff to help you in combat, move units or even summon Daemons without resorting to using un-Khornate “wizards”.

The new book is available to pre-order now here.

Also available is a digital edition over on the new Warhammer Digital site.

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