Posted 07/01/2017

Red Tithe – a Space Sharks novel


New from Black Library today we have a brand new novel featuring the mysterious and ferocious Carcharodons.

These void-born killers face off against the terror tactics of the Night Lords Legion in the confines of an Imperial prison complex in what promises to be an incredibly blood and hard fought battle.

This book has been available as an eBook already, but you can now order the hardback to be shipped to you from the Black Library site, or pick it up in Games Workshop and Warhammer stores next weekend.


To celebrate the launch of the new novel, one Carcharodon’s fan, Syeni N’diaye, sent us this diorama of one of these predatory heroes facing off against a Night Lords Raptor Pack. We thought it was too awesome not to share:

If you have any models inspired by Black Library books, we’d love to see them.

Post them up on the Black Library Facebook page.

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