Posted 03/12/2016

The Lake-town House is Here!

The fantastic new The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy™ There and Back Again supplement from the Middle-earth™ team isn’t the only new product to venture forth from Middle-earth™ this week. The distinctive aroma of fish can only mean that the fantastic new Lake-town House is now available to order. We caught up with Forge World’s resident Lake-town enthusiast Jay Clare to find out more.


Jay: The Lake-town House is finally here, and it has definitely been well worth the wait! Now you can recreate your very own Lake-town board using this versatile plastic (yes, plastic) kit, and play through all of the scenarios that take place in Lake-town in The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy™ There and Back Again; from the espionage-like Lake-town Chase that sees Bard the Bowman avoid the clutches of the Master of Lake-town, to the action-packed Fire & Water where Smaug unleashes his terrible vengeance upon the people of Esgaroth. Additionally, this kit provides some truly fantastic scenery to play your Points Match games upon, giving an extra level of depth and excitement to your games.

The house has reversible gable ends, and a huge variety of walkways, baskets of fish, barrels, an outhouse and even a single-piece boat – a feat of model making genius! Not only this, but the kit is so versatile it can easily be kit-bashed with multiple others to provide a huge amount of variety in how you build your own. Three of these kits can make three houses, be combined to make one huge building or anywhere in-between – the options are endless!


Check out the Lake-town House and the Lake-town House multipack to pre-order yours today.

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