Posted 27/11/2016

Space Hulk: A Brief History

Space Hulk is one of our best loved miniatures games, with a long and noble history, spanning almost three decades. This is the game that helped to establish Terminators as the heroic elite of the Space Marine Chapters and, equally, their Genestealer foes as one of the iconic xenos threats of the 41st Millennium.

Based on simple and easy to learn rules, and played on board sections mirroring the claustrophobic confines of a colossal void-borne derelict, Space Hulk has been a favourite of Warhammer 40,000 fans since it’s first incarnation.

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While the art style and miniature have certainly evolved since this first edition, this is still recognisably the same game. Many gamers of a certain vintage will have a soft spot for the slightly comic-booky feel to the board sections and the retro-charm of the early pattern Terminators and xenos.

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Moving into the 90’s, Space Hulk received a facelift, bringing it firmly into the grim darkness of the far future. The rules were streamlined, some new mechanics were added, and the models were updated.

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Fast forward to 2009, when Space Hulk once more dropped from Warp-space into stores. The miniatures in this box set a new standard for boxed games: each a hyper detailed and unique depiction of a specific Blood Angels Terminator, or Genestealer. It even featured some unique characters, like the massive Broodlord (at the time, the biggest Genestealer we’d ever seen, only recently overtaken by the new Patriarch), and the Librarian Calistarius.

This edition of the game was later updated in 2014 to include additional board sections and missions, and it is this incarnation that will be returning this weekend for pre-order.

Mission Files:

As Space Hulk has evolved over the years, there have even been three digital expansions, available on iBooks, which provide missions and rules so that players can use Terminators from the Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Ultramarines Chapters.

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