Middle-earth™: Around the Community – The Fellowship

Join Jay Clare as he showcases the Middle-earth team’s favourite paint jobs of Fellowships from around the community.

15 Oct 20

Forge World Pre-orders: Brimming with Personality!

You won’t Bree-lieve this week’s Forge World pre-orders – check them out!

09 Oct 20

Keith Robertson’s Fantasy Fellowship

Join Keith Robertson, one of the Middle-earth team’s miniature-smiths, as he showcases his Fantasy Fellowship.

06 Oct 20

White Dwarf Preview – Issue 457

It’s time to check out October’s issue of White Dwarf – 457.

02 Oct 20

Pre-order Today: Arena of Death and an Epic Quest

Check out today’s pre-orders and prepare for an epic adventure, violent deathmatches, and more!

19 Sep 20

Quest of the Ringbearer: Designer Interview

The next Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game supplement follows Frodo’s journey. Find out all about it, direct from the lead designer.

17 Sep 20

Quest of the Ringbearer – What You Need to Know

Jay Clare dons his Elven cloak as he brings us news of the Quest for the Ringbearer.

14 Sep 20

Sunday Preview: An Arena of Death and an Epic Quest

Surprises in the Beastgrave and a journey to Mount Doom – check out next week’s pre-orders now.

13 Sep 20

Ranger Reinforcements

Anborn and Mablung have arrived to take the fight to Mordor with the Rangers of Ithilien.

11 Sep 20

The Best of White Dwarf Magazine – Designers Interview

Find out all about the Best of White Dwarf Magazine for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

10 Sep 20

Middle-earth™ Clash of Heroes – Part 2

The ultimate victor is revealed as Clash of Heroes returns for the final part.

27 Aug 20

Pre-order Today: Underhive Blades and Tiny Blood Bowl Terrors

There are new goodies available to pre-order for Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Aeronautica Imperialis, and Middle-earth. Explore them now!

22 Aug 20

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