Middle-earth™ Clash of Heroes – Part 1

Who is the best low-level Hero in Middle-earth? Let’s find out!

12 Aug 20

Middle-earth™ FAQ Update – August 2020

Join Jay Clare as he guides us through the latest FAQs and errata updates for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

06 Aug 20

A Murder of Crows – Part 3

It’s time for the third and final part of Damian O’Byrne’s Crebain-inspired lockdown project!

30 Jul 20

The Forges are Relit

Take a look at the great news about the return of Forge World pre-orders.

29 Jul 20

My Warhammer? YOUR Warhammer

My Warhammer is here and you’re going to want it! Read on to learn more…

20 Jul 20

Sunday Preview: Fighting for the Forge World

Take a look at what’s coming up for pre-order on the 25th.

19 Jul 20

Pre-order Now: Skies of Fire

Take your games of Aeronautica Imperialis to new heights with a starter box, campaign book, and two more factions!

06 Jun 20

Middle-earth™: Around the Community – Ringbearers

Check out our showcase of Ringbearers, painted by you, the Middle-earth community!

04 Jun 20

Sunday Preview – Skies of Fire

Learn all about the next massive Aeronautica Imperialis release as the T’au Air Caste prepares to engage, plus handy gaming aids and more!

31 May 20

A Murder of Crows – Part 2

Middle-earth fanatic Damian O’Byrne returns to us, at the turn of the tide…

28 May 20

Middle-earth’s™ Top 10 Specialised Warriors

Specialised warriors can make or break an army of Middle-earth. Today, Jay Clare discusses some of his favourites.

14 May 20

A Murder of Crows

A Wizard and a flock of murderous birds? Come see why Warhammer Hero Damian O’Byrne’s lockdown army has us in a flap!

30 Apr 20

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