29 Jul 20

Beyond Indomitus – Top 5 Tips for Expanding Your Space Marines

In yesterday’s article, we took a look at our top five picks for units that make excellent additions to the Necrons included in Indomitus. Today, it’s the turn of the mighty Adeptus Astartes, so if you were lucky enough to get a copy last weekend, ready your Chapter of choice for some reinforcements!

Let’s get straight to it – here are our top five recommendations (also in no particular order).

Bladeguard Veterans may be armed with heavy bolt pistols, but it’s fair to say they’re at their best when using their master-crafted power swords to blend their enemies into bloody mulch. To help them get up close and personal where they belong, you can’t go wrong with an Impulsor. If you’re concerned about enemy fire taking it out at range, give it a shield dome for some added survivability with a 4+ invulnerable save. To really bring the pain, you can even throw your Primaris Captain, Lieutenant and Chaplain in there as well or, if you traded your Necrons for two sets of Indomitus Space Marines, another three Bladeguard Veterans!

While all your blade-wielding Space Marines from Indomitus specialise in getting stuck into the enemy and inflicting gratuitous dismemberment upon them, it’s always useful to have a second wave of units to offer fire support, mop up any survivors and hold objectives. For this role, you’ll struggle to find a more complementary unit in the Space Marines roster than (non-Assault!) Intercessors. As a Troops unit, they’ll gain the all-important Defenders of Humanity ability (similar to Objective Secured) to help them dominate objectives, and their bolt rifles offer the perfect combination of range and hitting power. They’re solid in combat too, especially if you tool up your Sergeant for melee with a power fist or thunder hammer. There’s a reason that Intercessors are the mainstay of the Space Marines Chapters – they’re consummate all-rounders and an asset to almost every army build.

If you’re looking to add some psychic attack and defence to your arsenal, a Librarian is the obvious solution. There are quite a few varieties of Librarian, each of which can complement your play style. If you’re looking to strike hard and fast, a Librarian in Terminator Armour will be able to teleport directly into the heart of the action. Meanwhile, a Librarian clad in Phobos Armour can use his Concealed Position ability and exclusive access to the Obscuration discipline to support more covert operations. And if you want to make the most of your battle Psyker of choice, you can even use the Chief Librarian rules from Faith and Fury to further enhance their psychic abilities!

The units in Indomitus are highly aggressive and will want to close the distance to the enemy as soon as possible. An Invictor Tactical Warsuit is an excellent option for presenting your opponent with an immediate threat with its Concealed Position ability while your other forces advance across the battlefield or use Strategic Reserves to close the distance. It’s pretty handy (more specifically, Invictor fist-y) in a fight, too, so can lend your units some armour-busting support in combat as needed. Thwack! Bam! Pow! etc.

On the topic of armour-busting support, the melee-focused units in Indomitus will be somewhat wasted if they have to spend time chopping their way through the hull of a transport vehicle before they can horribly ‘murderise’ the unit inside. You may well have the deadly firepower of an Eradicator Squad at your disposal (or two if you swapped your Necron half or picked up a second Indomitus set), but it certainly helps to be able to cripple or destroy enemy armoured threats or transports from a healthy distance. The Repulsor Executioner is all but unequalled in the art of long-range destruction, so grab one and give it a heavy laser destroyer to take charge of your army’s tank-busting duties.*

Those are our top five suggestions – head over to the webstore and grab your reinforcements of choice today. Remember to keep an eye on warhammer-community.com for news on some other useful additions coming soon, too, such as the awesome Primaris Chaplain on Bike (a great option for leading your Outriders into battle). Are there any units you feel we’ve missed out or would rather add to your Indomitus force instead? Join us on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page and let us know in the comments!

* Nice vehicle you’ve got there. It would be a shame if something were to HAPPEN TO IT!