25 Mar 20

Legio Tempestus, House Taranis and an Imperator Titan!

If you’ve visited the shops at Warhammer World, a certain Adeptus Titanicus force may have caught your eye. This collection is the work of Warhammer World staff member Adam Walsh, and we tracked him down to ask what inspired his stellar work. There are some solid tips here that apply to collecting an army for any game system – his enthusiasm and dedication are plain to see. Without further ado, take it away, Adam! 

Adam: Titans. God-Machines. Avatars of the Omnissiah. Is there anything more iconic than gigantic robots, barely controlled by their human crew? For these reasons and more, I was drawn to collect Titans way back in the distant mists of time, otherwise known as the 1980s. So when I heard Adeptus Titanicus was coming back, there was no way I was going to miss out.

Originally, when Adeptus Titanicus was released, I’d planned to assemble a standard Axiom Maniple as it would give me a selection of all the current classes of Imperial Titan. I also knew I wanted to have a couple of extra Reaver Titans, as they’ve always been my favourite.

Next, I needed to decide on a Legio and colour scheme. There were a few that were very tempting – Metalica, Astorum, Ignatum, to name a few – but how to choose… After reading some background details, and the excellent novels Titanicus, and Mechanicum (one of my favourite Horus Heresy novels), one stood out. Crippled during the Horus Heresy by a traitorous mutiny within their own ranks. Much of their remaining strength spent fighting in the Schism of Mars. Membership in the fabled “Triad Ferrum Morgulus” (the three original Legios of Mars) – I’d found my Legio. Tempestus. I mixed up some paint to create a shade of blue I felt looked right and set about practising their iconic checkerboard patterning as well as the heraldic Battle Titan carapace markings.

One of the things that really grabbed my attention about Warhammer 40,000 is the background. For me, attaching a narrative to your games and models adds something special to the experience. While building and painting each of my Titans, I took the extra step of naming each God-Engine and their commanding Princeps. This adds personality to these colossal machines, and shows the level of regard to which they’re held in the Imperium at large.

Back in the days of the earlier editions of Adeptus Titanicus, there were a number of optional bits of wargear with which you could equip your Titans. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to put my own stamp on them. I decided to experiment with some of the spare roof tiles left over from building the Civitas Imperialis kits, and, along with some plasticard, I managed to create a landing pad for one of my Titan’s carapace mounts. While I still had one carapace mount for the other Apocalypse Missile Launcher, it looked a little lonely –- so I built a double-sized version using two spare Reaver Apocalypse Launchers. Little details like this may not add any in-game effects, but they’re a fantastic way to make your collection distinctive.

With my first Maniple complete, and a couple of extra Titans underway, I realised I wanted a centrepiece for the force. What better than an Imperator, an Emperor Class Titan? Well, there was a slight problem there… not only was there no model, but also no rules. Not one to let a minor detail stop me, I set about converting one from a 40k Dominus-class Knight. I then built the shoulder-mounted “Akropolis” using the Civitas Imperialis and Civitas Imperialis Spires kits.

It only seemed right that the Imperator be supported by a coterie of Imperial Knights, just as described in the old Titan Legions Rule Book. Again, the novel Mechanicum provided the obvious answer. While defending the “Magma City”, Legio Tempestus was supported by the Knights of Taranis – so my collection swelled yet again with a selection of Knight Titans, painted in their pre-Heresy colour scheme.

And that was my collection completed. Or so I thought… At this point, I’d well and truly caught the Titanicus bug. The supplements Titandeath and Doom of Molech introduced some tempting new Maniples – not to mention more classes of Imperial Knights – I couldn’t resist adding more! It wasn’t long before I’d assembled more Warlords, an entire Maniple of extra Reavers, and a whole pack of Warhounds. At least it was good practice for painting the checkerboard pattern!

So, what next? Well, I know I want to add more Knights from a different House to inject more colour and variety to the force. I’ve got plans to create a “Fire Control Tower” (another wargear option), and I want to have as many Warlord Carapace loadouts as possible – which means at least one more Warlord. I’m pretty sure I’ll also get some more Reavers and the Warbringer Nemesis Titan before long, as I really enjoy building and painting them.

This is a seriously amazing army, with solid conversions and a great story to tie it all together. Adam was inspired by the novels and background, but then he made it his own and what could be cooler than that? If you’re looking for some more inspiration of your own, this is a great time to sink your teeth into the Titan graphic novel!