09 Dec 19

The Road to Thramas – Part 1: Wings of the Dark Angels

Join us on the first step on the Road to Thramas as we take a look inside The Horus Heresy Book Nine – Crusade and reveal some of the new models that will be coming out next year.

Crusade, the next in the series of Horus Heresy campaign books, features a history of the Dark Angels, including how the I Legion operated both before and after the discovery of their primarch, Lion El’Johnson. There’s a look at some of their most famous campaigns leading up to the Thramas Crusade as well as an in-depth exploration of the brutal conflict between the Dark Angels and Night Lords that engulfed large parts of the eastern fringe. 

A host of new Legion-specific units are available for the I Legion to field, including the Dreadwing Interemptors. Similar to Destroyers of other Legions, the Interemptors are the Lion’s ultimate sanction, his final curse for those foolish enough to stand against the Dark Angels. Armed with plasma burners, they bring absolute devastation to your enemies.

The Interemptors are part of the Dreadwing, and Crusade takes a closer look at all of the six wings that make up the Hexagrammaton.* There are also rules for making your Characters into a Scion of the wing of your choice. So, if you’re a fan of the Firewing, who excel in destroying enemy command structures, then make your characters into a Scion of the Firewing.

In Crusade, you’ll also find rules to field Marduk Sedras, an Eskaton of the Dreadwing.** At the start of the Horus Heresy, Sedras was one of the oldest living Space Marines, having faithfully served the Emperor for more than 250 years. There’s very little that he hasn’t seen, so before the battle has begun, he can impart his wisdom to nearby units, inspiring them to even greater deeds.

In addition to Legion-specific units and rules for the Dark Angels, Crusade also features new units for armies on both sides of the Horus Heresy.

Legion Arquitor Bombard

With its reinforced chassis and brutal short-range firepower, the Legion Arquitor Bombard is called upon to break the most stubborn enemy fortifications or annihilate massed troops and armour. Deployed alongside infantry squads, the Space Marines know that these artillery pieces will see them through the most ferocious of firefights.

The Bombard can be equipped with a variety of weapons, the most esoteric of which is the graviton-charge cannon, shown here. Like all graviton weapons, it pulverises its targets, cracking bones and rupturing organs.

The Legion Arquitor Bombard can be fielded by both the traitors and the loyalists in units of up to three vehicles. It’s sure to prove a popular weapon on the battlefields of the Age of Darkness.

The Horus Heresy Book Nine – Crusade will be available next year. The book also includes rules for the Legion Sabre Strike Tank, the perfect tool for your Dark Angels, Night Lords or any other Legion for that matter – grab one today.

* That’s the Stormwing, Deathwing, Dreadwing, Ironwing, Firewing and Ravenwing for all of you non-wing fans out there.
** Eskaton is a title used within the Dreadwing to denote a warrior that has overseen the final death of an entire race or world.