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Posted 11/04/2019

Chaos Space Marines: Lords of Chaos

The Chaos Space Marines are set to receive four powerful new Characters in the coming days, so we asked Dave, Danny and Jon from the Mob Rules podcast to give us the low-down on how to get the most from them on the battlefield. Warning: after reading this, you may find you’ve grown horns and fused with your clothing…

Master of Executions

The Master of Executions is an exciting new HQ choice with a massive axe to grind with the Imperium. A really massive axe. With a staggering base profile of 5 Attacks that strike at Strength 8, he hits like a train (probably a daemonically possessed train).

He’s a great choice for Character assassination, and while he doesn’t have the safety net of an invulnerable save like a Chaos Lord or Dark Apostle, his opponent won’t be able to strike back if they’re already dead! Keeping him on the front foot by charging wherever possible is essential. As a result, we feel the Master of Executions benefits enormously from the Red Corsairs’ ability to Advance and charge. Alternatively, if he’s from the World Eaters Legion, he’ll be able to do even more damage with his extra attack on the charge, or potentially gain even more as a member of the Flawless Host (especially if he is fighting an Imperium unit and/or has Prescience cast upon him to help generate those handy extra attacks).

However, if you want your Master of Executions to go down the mass-murdering route, why not try the Emperor’s Children? Between their Stratagem, Excess of Violence, and the mortal wounds his axe can generate, he can potentially gain up to 10 additional attacks!

The Dark Apostle

Dark Apostles are the spiritual leaders of the Chaos Space Marines, and the new prayers system really helps them to bolster their fellow Heretic Astartes with the infernal blessings of the Dark Gods. Their prayers offer a number of different effects, but our three favourites at Mob Rules are Benediction of Darkness, Warp-sight Plea, and Soultearer Portent, as they all add modifiers to your rolls and are universally helpful.

Benediction of Darkness helps to protect smaller, valuable units (like Havocs) by enforcing a -1 to hit penalty upon enemy units that target them at range. Warp-Sight Plea offers an excellent +1 to hit bonus to a unit’s ranged weapons, making them even deadlier from afar – your Obliterators will love this! Finally, the Soultearer Portent gives a unit a +1 to wound in melee – an extremely powerful advantage, especially when you combine it with Veterans of the Long War to double down on this bonus.

The advantage with the Dark Apostle is that he prays at the beginning of the battle round, so even if you don’t go first, boons such as Benediction of Darkness will still be in effect against your opponent’s shooting. Also, don’t forget to bring along his helpers, the Dark Disciples, as their Relic of Corruption will help to ensure that his prayers are heard!

Lord Discordant

The Lord Discordant is a fast-moving melee monster. However, there are some tricks to making him even faster. Since the Lord Discordant has the Daemon keyword, he can benefit from fighting alongside a Daemons of Slaanesh Detachment if you give him the Mark of Slaanesh. Simply position him alongside a Herald of Slaanesh (or maybe even a Keeper of Secrets in the future!) to benefit from their Locus of Swiftness.

This ability also combines nicely (and narratively) with the Warlord Trait from the Soulforged Pack Specialist Detachment in Vigilus Ablaze – Master of the Soulforges. This lets your Lord Discordant move even faster, Advance, and then still charge!

If you prefer a more Khornate flavour, try a Lord Discordant with the Talisman of Burning Blood – this lets him Advance and charge (with re-rolls) without relying on Daemons of the Blood God’s most hated rival for help.

Chaos Lord

The Chaos Lord has always been a staple of Chaos Space Marine armies, being a hard-hitting model that also gives nearby Legion units increased accuracy with Lord of Chaos aura ability. With the recent update to Codex: Chaos Space Marines, we reckon the Chaos Lord is even better than ever before. Now, your mighty leader can have access to one of the most feared (and traditionally Imperial) melee weapons in the game – the thunder hammer.

Chaos Space Marine players now have a great way to deal some reliable damage to extremely tough enemy units. Having a nearby Exalted Champion will let your Chaos Lord re-roll any failed wound rolls with their Aspire to Glory ability.

Of course, if you really want to pour on the pain, you can always add 1 to your Chaos Lord’s wound rolls with Veterans of the Long War too. The sheer amount of damage a thunder hammer-wielding Chaos Lord can now put out is monumental! Giving your Chaos Lord a jump pack will help to get him into combat even faster and also enable him to lead a Host Raptorial Specialist Detachment from Vigilus Ablaze. The Tip of the Claw Warlord Trait will help you get your Chaos Lord, Raptors and Warp Talons into combat even faster!

Thanks again, guys. I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to type now that I’ve been ‘blessed’ with a tentacle for an arm after reading this…

The thunder hammer-toting Chaos Lord from Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is about to become available separately for the first time – in fact, he’s up for pre-order from this weekend along with the Master of Executions and Dark Apostle. Meanwhile, the Lord Discordant is available to pre-order right now and will be available in stores from Saturday.

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