Posted 15/05/2018

Playing the Field! with Jim and Bob

Blitzmania II – the world’s biggest Blood Bowl league – is in full swing, and Warhammer Community has secured two very special guests to tell us all about the past week’s winners and losers. Yep, ace Blood Bowl commentators Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford are here – so let’s hand over to them.

Bob: Greetings, sports fans – and welcome once again to Blitzmania II!

Jim: So, Bob, we’ve seen a fantastic week of Blood Bowl with some great teams kicking the stuffing out of each other – and sometimes even kicking the ball too!

Bob: That’s right, Jim. The field now contains in excess of 60 teams from all corners of the Old World and beyond, all slugging it out for that coveted Blitzmania trophy.

So what are the highlights from this week?

Bob: Well, we’ve seen the running game finding its way back onto the pitch, proving teams like the Orcs and Dwarfs are not having it all their own way. Teams like ‘OrkTastic’ and ‘KarakAzCadia’, despite healthy numbers of casualties, have found themselves slipping down the league tables in favour of more agile opponents.

Jim: Teams trying to pass and run with the ball? Who would have thought that was an effective tactic?

Bob: Well, in my day we just smashed bones and cracked skulls – running and passing aren’t so important when the opposition has broken kneecaps!

Jim: So who are these teams who have been dancing their way down to the end zone?

Bob: We’ve seen a substantial influx of Human coaches, among them some real talent like the ‘Steel Curtain’ and ‘The Bizzare Adventures’ teams. These Old Worlders have been proving you don’t need horns or a tail to play a top game of Blood Bowl.

Jim: I’ve heard it that said of all the creatures of the Old World, Humans are the most violent.

Bob: Having been out drinking with the Reikland Reavers, that’s certainly something I’d agree with! That said, it’s not the Humans who have reached the top of the league this week.

Jim: So who is in the top spot?

Bob: The ‘Celestial Wardens’, with an almost unbelievable 28 touchdowns! I know Elves are light on their feet, but these guys must be running rings around their opposition.

Jim: Perhaps some broken legs are in order?

Bob: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, always go for the kneecaps.

Jim: Well, that’s it for this week, and once again, keep those results coming in. And remember, it’s never too late to get in on the action!

Jim and Bob will be back soon with more news from Blitzmania II. If you want to get involved, there’s still plenty of time – whether you want to break kneecaps or score touchdowns, you can get started on the Blood Bowl website. And remember that you can order up the newest team, The Doom Lords, as well as the new Spike! Journal now.

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