Posted 21/02/2018

Warhammer Osnabrück Opening Soon

Osnabrück may sound like the name of a town from Sigmar’s Empire in the world-that-was, but it’s actually a lovely city in Germany’s state of Lower Saxony that will soon be home to a brand new Warhammer store. Warhammer Osnabrück will be opening on Saturday March 10th, and manager Daniel Thompson would like to invite you along to join the festivities.

The store – located at Öwer de Hase 21 in the city – will have loads happening on opening day, including a painting competition which already has more than a dozen eager painters signed up, giveaways, and – of course – your chance to get the Store Opening exclusive Terminator Captain and First Founding dice.

Daniel also hinted to us that anyone coming along might want to get there early, as something special is happening first thing in the morning when the store opens… intriguing! You can find out more about the opening day and the store by visiting its Facebook page, or giving Daniel a call on 0049 (0)541 35044380.

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