Posted 07/02/2018

Texas Ahoy!

We’ve got a quick update for you today on the Warhammer Cafe.

Since we announced the Cafe last week, we’ve been inundated with emails and Facebook messages asking us where exactly this great new Warhammer venue will be making its home. Well, you need wonder no longer.

The Warhammer Cafe will be located in Grapevine, Texas.

We thought long and hard about where to open the first Warhammer Cafe, and Grapevine ticked a lot of boxes. For one, there’s a fantastic Warhammer community already in Texas, and we thought they could make great use of a hub for their hobby activity. For another, Grapevine is superbly connected to the rest of Texas – particularly Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth – and indeed, most importantly, to the rest of North America, thanks to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Chances are, wherever you are in the United States, you’ll only be a short hop away.

Next up, we need an exceptional manager to run the venue – and the hunt begins today! If you think you’ve got what it takes to lead the charge in this grand new venture, then check out the ad and drop us an application.

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