Posted 11/01/2018

Return of Clash of Heroes: Part 1

Jay Clare: A few months back, I wrote a two-part blog post that pitted some of the mightiest Heroes in Middle-earth™ against each other in single combat, in order to determine who was truly the greatest Hero. This Clash of Heroes was won by Aragorn, King Elessar, who bested Bolg, Azog™, Beorn™ and Boromir upon his road to victory!

This fun and exciting competition proved so popular with the various communities that we have decided to do it again – this time with a small change.

I posted a poll onto one of the many Facebook groups to ask which Heroes the wider community wanted to see fight it out for ultimate glory. With that in mind, the community voted for the following Heroes to participate in this edition of Clash of Heroes:

Good: Gimli, Faramir, Éomer, Dwalin the Dwarf, Tauriel, The King of the Dead, Rúmil and Erestor.

Evil: Lurtz, Mauhúr, Thrydan Wolfsbane, Shelob, The Mouth of Sauron, Vraskû, Amdûr and The Keeper of the Dungeons.

The rules were simple:

  • Heroes had to be worth between 50 and 100 points.
  • They could not be mounted.
  • They started 1 away from each other, and had to Charge if able.
  • Once a Hero was slain, they were out!

Here is how they paired up in round 1:

Match 1: Erestor vs. Lurtz

The first match pitted Erestor against the fearsome Lurtz. Lurtz won Priority on the first turn, charging the Elf and preventing Erestor from throwing his daggers. The ensuing combat saw Lurtz win the Fight and inflict a single Wound on Erestor. The second turn once more gave Lurtz Priority. However, this time Erestor won the fight but was unable to pierce the Uruk’s armour. The next few turns saw Erestor and Lurtz trade wins, with Lurtz suffering a Wound (though it was prevented by Fate) whilst Erestor remained unscathed. Eventually, Erestor’s superior Fight value proved to be decisive – he won a tied Duel roll and, thanks to the re-rolls for his Noldorin Daggers, caused two Wounds and felled Lurtz!

Match 2: Dwalin vs. Amdûr

Match 2 saw two great warriors face off, Dwalin and Amdûr. Would the skilful blade mastery of Amdûr be enough, or would Dwalin’s sheer power win the day? Amdûr won the first fight thanks to his Elven blade and, after spending 2 points of Might, dealt 2 Wounds to the Dwarf! Luckily for Dwalin he managed to pass both of his Fate rolls, using a single Might point to do so. Unable to risk another loss, Dwalin called a Heroic Strike that was swiftly countered by Amdûr. With both Heroes reaching a mighty Fight 10, it was once again Amdûr’s Elven blade that was the difference maker, although it was only able to inflict a single Wound. Battered and nearing defeat, Dwalin steeled himself for one final fight. This time the Dwarf was victorious and dealt 2 Wounds to Amdûr, who had to pass his Fate roll to survive. Fortune, however, was on Dwalin’s side as Amdûr failed his Fate roll, securing victory for Dwalin!

Match 3: Tauriel vs. The Mouth of Sauron

A match-up that should have been straightforward for Tauriel proved to be anything but; the first turn saw both warriors call a Heroic Strike, only for the Mouth of Sauron to win the Fight and inflict a Wound upon the Elf, who then failed all three Fate rolls! Clearly taken by surprise, Tauriel fought back to Wound the emissary of Sauron. With both fighters on the brink, winning the next fight was crucial. Tauriel’s superior skill with a blade finally won out, enabling her to best her opponent and move on to the next round!

Match 4: Faramir vs. The Keeper of the Dungeons

In this encounter, the younger son of the Steward of Gondor fought the barbaric Keeper of the Dungeons. With both having an equal Fight value, neither risked a Heroic Strike, both trusting to the roll-off, should one occur. The first fight saw Faramir spend 2 points of Might just to tie the fight, but this was in vain as the roll-off went in favour of the Keeper of the Dungeons, who dealt 2 Wounds. Having to use all of his Fate points to survive, Faramir called a Heroic Strike to try to gain a foothold in the next Fight. Yet, despite Faramir’s efforts, The Keeper of the Dungeons once more won the Fight and inflicted enough Wounds to book his place in the next round.

Match 5: Rúmil vs. Thrydan Wolfsbane

One of the favourites to win the whole Clash of Heroes, Rúmil started strongly against the lord of Dunland, winning the first Fight and inflicting a Wound. However, the second Fight saw Thrydan roll a 6 for his Duel roll, despite Rúmil’s Swift Parry special rule! This forced Rúmil to spend all of his Might points to win the Fight, causing another Wound to Thrydan who then had to spend all of his Might and Fate to survive. Despite the Lord of Dunland’s brief glimpse of victory, Rúmil was able to best him and seal the victory.

Match 6: Éomer vs. Mauhúr

The sixth game was a match-up that pitted Rohan™ against Isengard, as Éomer faced Mauhúr. The first two Fights saw Mauhúr emerge victorious, but the Uruk-hai only managed to inflict a single Wound. Fight three saw Éomer score 2 Wounds on Mauhúr, who fortunately managed to pass his Fate rolls. Mauhúr was then victorious once more, bringing Éomer down to a single Wound with no Fate remaining. With both Heroes battered and near defeat, the next Duel in this back-and-forth fight could be key. Bashing aside Éomer’s sword, Mauhúr won the Fight, but was unable to cause any Wounds! Seizing his opportunity, Éomer won the next Fight, defeated Mauhúr, and made it to the next round by the skin of his teeth!

Match 7: Gimli vs. Shelob

The two Heroes that obtained the most votes were paired against one another, in what promised to be perhaps the tensest fight of all. Shelob won Priority and charged Gimli, hoping to bowl the Dwarf over. However, Shelob could only roll a 2 for the Duel roll, allowing Gimli to win the Fight and cause 3 Wounds (after using 2 points of Might) on his arachnid foe! Gimli won the next Fight, but this time was unable to find his mark. Wounded and angry, Shelob charged once more, this time winning the Fight and inflicting 2 Wounds on Gimli – the Dwarf had to use all of his Fate and his remaining Might to prevent the Wounds. Now out of Might, Gimli won the next two Fights and caused another two Wounds to the huge spider. Shelob charged towards Gimli once more – with both knowing that losing this Duel roll could see them eliminated. With their Duel rolls made, it was Shelob who won the Fight, dealing the final two Wounds to Gimli and emerging victorious!

Match 8: The King of the Dead vs. Vraskû

The final round 1 match-up saw Vraskû take on the King of the Dead. Vraskû won all of the Fights in the first four turns, at the cost of 2 points of Might, and inflicted a single Wound upon his undead foe. The fifth turn saw Vraskû best his opponent once more, and he inflicted another Wound that the King of the Dead had to spend 2 points of Fate to prevent. Yet the King of the Dead had been biding his time, and he won the next Fight and dealt a Wound to Vraskû. Suffering but a single Wound from the King of the Dead will cause even the mightiest foe to fall, and with only a single point of Might and Fate remaining Vraskû had to pass his Fate roll. However, Vraskû only rolled a 2, meaning that the Uruk-hai fell at the hands of the King of the Dead who would now face the monstrous Shelob in the next round.

So, round 1 has come to a close. Eight warriors have fallen, but for eight more they are one step closer to glory. Here is how the standings look after round 1.

Who do you think will emerge victorious? Make sure you read next week’s blog to find out!

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