Posted 25/10/2017

Firestorm – The Living City

Firestorm is a fantastic opportunity for Warhammer Age of Sigmar players of all stripes, whether you’re taking advantage of powerful new abilities or finding fun and thematic ways to organise your collection. Tony – the designer of the ever-useful Warscroll Builder – has been creating a Living City army, bringing together a disparate range of models with a clever collection of painting tricks and basing. Read on to find out how he did it…

Tony: With the release of Firestorm, I immediately began looking at which Free City my collection of Order armies could be a part of. The Living City was the obvious answer, as it most closely matched the armies I collect – Stormcast Eternals, Sylvaneth, Wanderers and Dispossessed. The city also has an amazing allegiance ability, allowing their units to move on from any table edge or Sylvaneth Wyldwood. This gives tremendous mobility to traditionally slower units (like Duardin) and allows my ranged units the ability to remain safe until the time is right for them to strike. In short, ambush like Brayherd and shoot like an aelf? Sign me up!

An outpost near the Living City

Most of my models have already been painted in dark armour and earthy tones, which fits perfectly with the stealthy nature of the Living City’s armies. Various shades of blues, greens and browns are perfect for citizens living in a city so closely connected with nature. After all, it’s important for an army of the Living City to blend into its surroundings (unless, of course, you already look like a tree).To bring the various factions together, I’ll be painting the banners of my army ivory, which is a colour recipe picked up from the Citadel Paint app.

Waywatcher just blending in…

I’ve added leaves and other foliage to the bases of my models, which also fits in nicely with an army based in such a setting. Many of the Wanderers boxes come with leaves and other bits that are fun to base your models with. However, probably the most important part of theming my army has been the use of any owl I can find. There are a few different versions – you can find them in various Sylvaneth kits – and they are pretty much the best bit you can add to any model.

Owls are the best!

I’ll be working on painting my Dispossessed to match the rest of the army next. The plan is to get it ready for 2,000 point matched play games as soon as possible, with most of my Order armies mixed in. My general will most likely be my Treelord Ancient, as it provides a great command ability for my Sylvaneth units and can summon Sylvaneth Wyldwoods for the rest of my army to move on from. My Glade Guard are excellent battleline units who can provide long ranged support to the list, and with the Hidden in the Shadows allegiance ability, I’ll be able to deploy them wherever they are needed most. I also plan to try out a unit of Longbeards, who are a battleline unit that allow a Dispossessed hero to use their command ability, even though they aren’t your general.

Dispossessed test model painted similarly to his aelven allies.

The Free Cities and warlord armies from Firestorm give hobbyists tons of new options for list building and painting. I’m looking forward to seeing how my army does on the table and look forward to seeing the other allegiances in action as well.

Thanks, Tony! If you want to start your own Living City army, pick up the rules in the Firestorm expansion, available now in store or online.

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