Posted 19/10/2017

Clash of Heroes: part 2

Jay Clare: Last week, a group of us within the office started our first Clash of Heroes in order to find out who is the mightiest Hero in Middle-earth™ (you can read that blog post HERE).

So far, Adam Troke and Michael Bax have each lost both of their Heroes, whilst Keith Robertson and Gavin Newton still have two Heroes left each. Everyone else still has one remaining Hero.

However, it is now time to get back to the action and start the next round – here is how they stood going into round 2:

Quarter-final 1

Boromir (Gavin) vs Buhrdûr (Keith)

After a surprising win against Dain Ironfoot in round 1, Keith was full of confidence that Buhrdûr would easily make the semi-finals – however, Gavin and Boromir had other ideas. In an excellent display of swordsmanship, the Son of Gondor easily bested the hulking Hill Troll and swiftly slew him in only two rounds of combat. With his flag held aloft, Boromir moved on to the semi-finals.

Quarter-final 2

Bill the Troll (Gavin) vs Glorfindel (Keith)

Having just lost to Gavin in the previous quarter-final, Keith sought vengeance as his Glorfindel took on Gavin’s Bill the Troll. In the first round of Combat, Glorfindel and Bill both called a Heroic Strike, making their Fight values 10 apiece. Even with his Elven blade, Glorfindel lost the Duel roll and was immediately stuffed into a bag! Helpless and, like Elrond before him, unable to escape, Glorfindel was left at the mercy of Bill the Troll, who promptly minced him fine and claimed a semi-final space.

Quarter-final 3

Azog (Ben) vs Aragorn (Rob)

Both Ben and Rob only had one Hero remaining each, meaning the loser would be eliminated from the contest. With both Heroes calling a Heroic Strike, Aragorn won the first round of combat and did a massive 3 Wounds to the Pale Orc. Azog had to pass his Fate roll, which he managed to do – just! Knowing that if Azog lost another round of combat he would surely fall, Ben called another Heroic Strike to try to win the day. Unfortunately for Ben, Rob also called a Heroic Strike with Aragorn that, once more, resulted in the King of Gondor winning the fight, before defeating Azog and earning a spot in the semi-finals.

Quarter-final 4

Beorn (Jay) vs Shagrat (Sam)

The last quarter-final would be fought between Shagrat and Beorn. With both Heroes needing Priority in order to gain the full benefits of their characters, Sam and Jay both called a Heroic Move. Sam won the roll and charged Shagrat into Beorn; Shagrat won the fight, knocked Beorn prone and dealt a huge 4 Wounds to his enemy, who had to spend all 3 Fate points to survive. Shagrat won the following Priority but failed to win the fight, allowing Beorn to stand up. Enraged by the Uruk’s attempt on his life, Beorn transformed into a huge bear and, over the course of three turns, crushed the Uruk and moved on to the semi-finals.

With the semi-finalists decided, the pairings made, and the smack-talk beginning, here are the standings going into the semi-finals.

Semi-final 1

Boromir (Gavin) vs Bill the Troll (Gavin)

With both of his Heroes facing off in the semi-finals, Gavin was guaranteed to be in the final – but which would it be? Bill managed to win the first combat, and elected to mince Boromir, who suffered 2 Wounds. In the second round of combat, Boromir once again lost the fight but was fortunate to take no further injuries after the Troll lunged for him. Clearly inspired by his brush with death, Boromir rallied and over three turns slew the foul Troll and assured his place in the final!

Semi-final 2

Aragorn (Rob) vs Beorn (Jay)

Another mighty clash pitted Isildur’s Heir against the burly Beorn in what was probably the closest battle so far. Aragorn and Beorn threw everything at each other, both dealing significant damage in return. After suffering an early 2 Wounds, Beorn fought back and reduced the King of Gondor to a single Wound with no Fate remaining. However, fate was with Aragorn, who won the following fight and dealt 2 Wounds to Beorn. This meant that Beorn needed to pass two of his three Fate rolls to survive but unfortunately was unable to do so. Victory, and a spot in the final, went to the King of Gondor.

The Final

Boromir (Gavin) vs Aragorn (Rob)

And then there were two: The King of Gondor and arguably the greatest warrior of Minas Tirith™. It all comes down to this. Aragorn won the first fight and dealt a massive 3 Wounds to Boromir, who luckily passed all three of his Fate rolls. The next fight saw Aragorn cause another Wound to Boromir, who was in deep trouble. Needing to Fight back, Boromir managed to win the next two Duel rolls, but only managed to score a single wound on Isildur’s Heir. With Boromir utterly spent, Aragorn readied Andúril for the victory, winning the fight and dealing the final 2 Wounds to Boromir – proving that to win a Duel having an awesome sword is the way to go!

So, there you have it; the mightiest Hero in Middle-earth is none other than Aragorn, King Elessar! Congratulations to Rob Macfarlane for winning the first Middle-earth Clash of Heroes. I’m sure the others will be back for revenge again soon. And if you managed to predict the winner then you surely are as wise as the Istari themselves!

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