Posted 26/09/2017

Make your own Free City the easy way!

While Warhammer Age of Sigmar is packed with lore to base your army on, there’s a lot of fun to be had writing some of your own. After all, the Mortal Realms are vast places, and the scope for creativity is endless.

Starting your own Free City from scratch can be tricky, but worry not – we’re on hand with a fun game to help you generate some Free Cities of your own! All you need is a D6 (and maybe somewhere to note your results down). These tables should help you find a name, realm, size and some distinguishing features for your city – and we’ve provided some examples that we generated for ourselves in the office!

Here are some we rolled up in the office:

Silverfang, The Twice-fallen City

Magic is drawn to Silverfang – so much so that the city is a gigantic metropolis, even after two devastating Chaos catastrophes. Amid the ruins of the notorious Old City, the Darkling Covens gather and plot, turning the great and arcane magics of the city to their favour.

Skycastle, The Dragon’s Rest

Skycastle is a village that rests high in the mountains of the Realm of Metal, and while it is small, it has managed to carve a niche out by harvesting Drakesflower – a plant that only grows in the great Dragonbone Mausoleum that lies underneath Skycastle.

Greystone, The Pillar of Lament

The Stormcast Eternals that defended Greystone are long gone – lost somewhere in the realms. In their place, the notorious Freeguild mercenaries, Lux’s Lightbringers, defend this sizable Aelven city, and at a very reasonable rate too!

Glimmeropolis, home of the Candleflame Tower

The Rangers Guild of Glimmeropolis is famous for their monster hunting prowess. The ancient machineries beneath the vacant Stormcast Eternals citadel at the centre of the metropolis are used to turn the Candleflame Realmgate, making it a magical lighthouse that uses the raw energy of the Realm of Light to pierce the thick shadow surrounding the city.

Tempest’s Hallow

The hidden fortress of Tempest’s Hallow has long fallen into disrepair, destroyed by the beasts within the Realm of Death. Now, it is maintained by a few bold Dispossessed masons and the Fyreslayers of the Hallowfyrd Lodge.

Mystheart, Garden of Ghur

Built around a Realmgate grown from a seed of ancient forest, reputedly from the World That Was, this secretive Aelven settlement is surrounded by woodlands inhabited by Sylvaneth who also provide food for other nearby settlements in Ghur – as well as defence against the attacks of vicious monsters and rampaging Orruks. Rumours abound of an ancient mausoleum beneath the Realmgate, but no outsiders have ever found out and lived to tell…

Got any awesome cities you’ve made? We’d love to hear about them! Let us know on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page.

If you’re looking for rules to go with your city, or fancy having a go building it for yourself, Firestorm is perfect, bringing rich, map-based campaign play to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. You can pre-order it today.

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