Posted 14/09/2017

Starting a Nurgle Army With Blightwar

With new allegiance abilities, a special character and loads of great miniatures, Blightwar makes for a fantastic start to a Nurgle army. Here’s our guide to turning the box contents into a fully fledged army.

Blightwar contains Horticulous Slimux, ten Plaguebearers, three Nurgling swarms and three Plague Drones. Fielded in the Fecund Rituculturalists Warscroll Battalion, this checks in at a handy 780 points. This is a decent core to any Nurgle army, with Slimux providing some really useful supporting abilities and the Fecund Rituculturalists possessing decent durability.

As a next step, we’d recommend picking up the Start Collecting: Daemons of Nurgle boxed set. As well as saving you some money, this set provides you with a Herald of Nurgle and gives you more Plaguebearers, Plague Drones and Nurglings. This brings you up to 1280 points, and fills 2 out of 3 of your Battleline slots.

This is a pretty strong base to build from, and there are a lot of directions you could take the army from this point. Our next step would be to bolster both units of Plaguebearers to 30. Thanks to Massive Regiments, this is decent value for your points, while taking them in larger units increases their durability. With Cloud of Flies, they become potent objective holders. After this, you’ll be at 1650 points.

There’s still one Battleline slot to fill, and it’s time to start adding some heavy hitters to the army – Putrid Blightkings fit the bill nicely. As part of the Nurgle allegiance, Putrid Blightkings are effectively in the same army as Nurgle Daemons (as are any Skaven Pestilens units, Slaves to Darkness with the Mark of Nurgle, and Archaon himself). This puts us up to 1830 points, with 170 left to spare!

At this point, we think a Daemon Prince makes for a solid add-in to the army. Leaving 10 points spare increases the chance you’ll get a Triumph in a matched play game, while the Daemon Prince itself is a hard hitting, fast moving Behemoth that complements the generally slow Nurgle army. It’s also a great candidate for the healing powers of Horticulous’ unique ability, In Death There Is Life.

It’s as simple as that – with a few extra kits, your forces from Blightwar are a versatile, fun and thematic Nurgle army. These are obviously just guidelines, and there are all sorts of other builds to be tried – fielding swarms of Beasts of Nurgle or leaning more heavily on Mortal units, for example – but however you want to build your army, Blightwar is a great place to start.

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