Posted 08/09/2017

Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Hell Pit Abomination

“The Hell Pit Abomination is the greatest and most horrific monstrosity the Skaven have ever created. The creature is a mountain of misshapen flesh that moves in a rippling tide of unnatural spasms, writhing worm-like and using its many limbs to pull and drag its hideous bulk forward. Various mechanical bits, such as wheels, cogs, and fluid-pumps have been grafted into the beast to ensure it moves at optimal speed and that the warpstone mutated growth agents are regularly injected into the beast’s hyper-fast metabolism.

A multitude of heads dart out of the lumpen mound of muscle and bone at the behemoth’s fore. The heads that snake out are all vermin-like, but some glisten hairlessly, like unborn rat monstrosities. Many have eyes, but no few are blind, twisting and craning to catch the scent of prey, hissing and snapping at the air with razor-sharp incisors.”

Total War: WARHAMMER II brings with it a whole host of terrifying monsters to unleash on your enemies. Surely one of the most iconic and panic-inducing monster of all goes to the Hell Pit Abomination of the Skaven. First seen beating a black dragon to a bloody pulp in the Skaven In-Engine Trailer, the A-bomb, as it’s affectionately called by fans, is a walking insult to life itself. Stitched together by the mad surgeons of Clan Moulder and set loose to rampage across the battlefield, this behemoth will make any general sweat.

Much like its appearance suggests, the Abomination is a multifaceted wrecking ball capable of bringing the pain in all kinds of situations. The beast’s natural ability to regenerate flesh and its massive amounts of health points ensure that it can last through multiple encounters, but even in death, the Abomination can scarper your plans. When the ‘Too Horrible to Die’ ability activates after the monster loses too much health, one of two events will trigger: either the Abomination cheats death and keeps on fighting by regaining some of its health or the monster explodes into a unit of Skaven ready to tear apart whatever troop was foolish enough to slay it.

The Hell Pit Abomination is best served crushing heavily armoured troops, its multiple limbs able to pierce through thick metal with heavy weapons and claws, but can also be tremendously effective at causing terror amongst those with poor leadership in the enemy’s ranks. It can also be used to tussle with other large, monstrous units with its great anti-large bonus and with a relatively fast movement speed afforded by the machinery and wheels grafted to its body, it can be used to hunt down those slow-moving, high-value troops that can be a thorn in regular Skavens’ sides. Pair that with an almost unbreakable will to slaughter and digest anything in front of it and the ability to break through the fortified gates of cities and this ungodly mess of writing flesh becomes a no brainer of a choice when building your armies in Total War: WARHAMMER II.

Total War: WARHAMMER II will be available on the 28th of September and you can pre-order now to receive the Norsca Race Pack for Total War: Warhammer free of charge.

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