Posted 21/08/2017

Pete’s Ironjawz

Pete Foley is a lifelong enthusiast of all things Warhammer and, as head of the team that creates our books and boxed games, he was heavily involved in the new General’s Handbook. Here, Pete recounts the story of how allies in the General’s Handbook 2017 came to be, how he intends to use this new mechanic in his own army:

Pete: It will come as a surprise to no one that I am a huge fan of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It may come as a surprise to know that it sometimes frustrates me. Like a passionate fan of any hobby, there are things that don’t quite work the way I want them to. However, unlike most other keen hobbyists in the world, I am in the rather privileged position in that I can do something about it.

Now, I have a talented and professional team of creative types who work for me who usually put a stop to any of my more whimsical changes – especially if they come after a lunchtime drubbing by Ben Johnson. If I had gotten my way, none of the armies Ben collects would have any special rules! But one personal change I wanted to make to Warhammer Age of Sigmar in the General’s Handbook 2017 came about due to my own experience collecting an army, which I suspect is shared by many of you out there in the community.


I had been building my Ironjawz force for a few months, preparing to take it to a matched play event at Warhammer World. Once the army was finished and the event had passed, I found myself trying to decide what I wanted to add to my army next. I had really enjoyed playing with the Ironjawz, but the Battleline requirements for matched play meant that I couldn’t really add anything to them without first painting up three new units that were Destruction Battleline. So my choice was to paint three new units that I didn’t want or start a whole new army from scratch.

What I really wanted to be able to do was add a little bit from another faction into my Ironjawz army. This new contingent could then be swapped out or could become a whole new army if I really enjoyed painting them. So that’s what I asked the team to deliver, and they came up with the new Allies rules.

The new Allies rules are great for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Suddenly, I have countless options to add to my Ironjawz. Almost any miniature from the Destruction Alliance is now available to my Megaboss. Now, they don’t get access to the Allegiance Abilities of the Ironjawz but the new flexibility more than makes up for that. Maybe I will add a couple of Gargants, because who doesn’t want two Gargants in their army? Or maybe I will add a couple of Grot Spear Chukkas to give me something to do in the Shooting phase. It’s not even just the tactical options that this presents that are exciting to me, thinking about how I can convert and paint my new additions to fit into my Ironjawz army is just as fun.

I have never been more excited about Warhammer Age of Sigmar, or about my Ironjawz. Hopefully, you will also have hours of fun considering what new units you can add to your army. The possibilities are endless.

You can pre-order your copy of the General’s Handbook 2017 today, and start planning your own allies with the new boxed sets! If you’re interested in hearing more from Pete, follow him on Twitter @geekjockpete.

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