Posted 10/03/2017

Blood Bowl: Stars and Monsters


Griff’s Back

Griff Oberwald might well be the best Blood Bowl player active today. Named “Griff the Godlike” by Spike! Magazine, his career totals reduce rival coaches to tears and his hoard of trophies and medals is enough to turn a dragon green with envy. Every inch the true sportsman, Griff is as charismatic and charming off the pitch as he is brutal and talented on it. How he finds the time to both captain the Reikland Reavers and offer his services to other teams as a free agent is a closely-guarded mystery, but the fans don’t care – as far as they’re concerned, the more chances they have to see Griff in action the better!

One of Blood Bowl’s most famous Star Players, Griff Oberwald is back with a stunning new miniature, ready to be added to any human team that can afford him! With a hiring fee of 320,000 gold pieces he’s definitely not the most affordable star play going, but he’s really worth every pfennig! For starters, there’s his oh-so-tasty profile. He’s as strong as a black orc and as agile as an elf, fast on his feet but with enough armour to take a hit, making him a great all-round player. Add in a clutch of very useful skills and you’ve got yourself a player who can do everything from leading the offence to sacking the ball carrier. All together now: Gimme a G…

Rules for Griff are included as part of the core Blood Bowl boxed game, and he can be added to any human team.

Bring Our Yer Warpstone

Humans aren’t the only ones getting some reinforcements! Skaven coaches can now add a Rat Ogre to their teams, broadening their strategy options from “be really sneaky and fast” to “be really sneaky and fast, and occasionally tear someone’s legs off”. Of all the ‘big guy’ players favoured by Blood Bowl teams, Rat Ogres have the obvious benefit of being almost as fast as the rest of the team – in fact, they’re no slower than a human lineman!

The payoff is that they’re not as well-armoured as Ogres and Trolls, but on the offence they’re frankly terrifying. The Frenzy skill makes them especially horrific, giving them a second chance to knock down any players they push back! Any coaches who go into a match against a skaven team hoping for some easy violence had better watch out, because the tables are turning…

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