Posted 18/02/2017

Leading the Gryph-charge

Sigmar sends more reinforcements for his Stormhosts today, with the Vanguard-Palladors joining the fight, led by their commander, the Lord-Aquilor.

Mounted atop fearsome and swift Gryph-chargers, the cavalry of the Stormcast Vanguard are the fastest warriors in Sigmar’s armies. Able to unleash a flurry of sigmarite bolts or javelins into a foe before delivering a devastating charge, they are much feared by the foes of Order, which they hunt far and wide across the vast landscapes of the Mortal Realms. The kit comes with loads of options to build these dynamic miniatures however you wish.

Their leader is the Lord-Aquilor who also rides atop a Gryph-charger. This model is a single pose kit, but what a pose! He’s easily one of the most impressive looking Stormcast Eternals models to date – every inch the gallant hero of the realms.

The forces of Chaos gain a new hero today too, a classic Chaos Warrior miniature, reimagined for the Mortal Realms.

And don’t forget, all of last week’s pre-orders – the new Stormcast Eternals Battletome, the Vanguard-Hunters and of course, the ever-loyal and noble Gryph-hounds are all in stores this weekend.

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