Posted 20/01/2017

Duncan Rhodes: The Stinktown Floaters

Our very own Duncan has been feverishly working away on his own Blood Bowl team this week; a Nurgle team by the name of The Stinktown Floaters, all converted from miniatures from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar range. Risking catching some horrendous disease, we caught up with Duncan, as he sat in a cloud of flies with a big grin on his face…

Duncan: I’m pretty new to Blood Bowl, having only played three games so far, using humans. I really enjoyed those games, but I couldn’t help but notice that human players get knocked over a lot. Like, an awful lot.

Last week, I got to convert a Nurgle Bloater on one of Warhammer TV’s tips of the day. I enjoyed making it, but that night, I was plagued by dreams of strange beings, bearing the three-circled mark, and I woke up coughing and spluttering. I knew I had been chosen by Nurgle to represent him on the Blood Bowl pitch. So I grabbed my tools, and got to work.

Nurgle teams in Blood Bowl have the advantage of having some really very powerful players in the form of the Bloaters, as well as Pestigors, who are perfect for carrying the ball, and Rotters, which are perfect for…well…getting in the way. All the players – bar the Rotters – have Regeneration too, which is great for having your players survive longer in a league. No more spending half the game knocked over for me…

As you may have seen on the video earlier this week, I started with a Bloater, which I converted from the Putrid Blightkings box set, with a spare hand from the zombies kit. I painted him up using the painting guide we did a couple of years ago; check it out HERE.

In a Nurgle team, you can have up to four Bloaters, so I made another three using the other models from the box set. I used as many of the tentacle arms as possible to really represent their Disturbing Presence rule, while also meaning I wouldn’t need to cut too many weapons off. A few spare zombie hands here and there and my Bloaters were done.

Next up, I tackled the Pestigors. These are the fastest players on the team, so I wanted them to look as dynamic as possible. Using parts from the Gors box set, I selected the legs which looked most like they are running, as well as the most Nurgle-esque heads. After cutting the weapons away and adding a few pustules using small balls of Green Stuff, I used a Citadel file to flatten out the belly plates, so I could paint a number on them later on (see Duncan’s guide on this here).

The lowly Rotters were next. These shambling players are falling apart, barely held together and riddled with terrible diseases. The Zombies kit was perfect for these, and conversion was really easy, simply snipping weapons off where it was needed. With very little work, these pustulent players were ready to paint!

Last, but by no means least was the hulking Rotspawn, the slow, lumbering beast. For this foul creature, I grabbed the Chaos Spawn box set and went about picking and choosing the bits I thought worked best. The rules call for this monster to have tentacles, so I covered it’s back with them. You’ll notice it has three eyes; two in it’s chest and one on it’s head, which form the Mark of Nurgle. A couple of spare shoulder pads from the Putrid Blightkings box and he was done! This corpulent beast is not in my starting team, but just as soon as I have the cash after a few games, it will be slithering into my dugout!

Converting this team has left me with a number of spare parts. I’ll be using the spare Blightking as my Head Coach, while the Pestigors could well get made into more players as the league goes on. As for the spare Zombies, I have a plan to turn them into my cheerleading squad, The Floating Filth.

That’s all for now; happy hobbying, and don’t forget to thin your paints!

The Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 ranges contains loads of options for those of you who’re looking to create some unique and unusual Blood Bowl teams. Check out a few examples of how you might do this over on the Warhammer TV facebook page this week.

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