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Treachery Revealed – A Deathwatch Overkill Prequel Mission

Before Kill Team Cassius, before Kill Team Excis, there were others who braved the depths of Ghosar Quintus. These were some of the Imperium’s finest men, moulded by the Schola Progenium – the Militarum Tempestus. But how would they fare against the Trysst Dynasty?

Death Or Glory

Be warned, unlike the superhuman elite of the Deathwatch, the Tempestus Scions are but mortal men, and even well-trained and heavily armed as they were, they fell before the hordes of the Trysst Dynasty. Only the bravest and most cunning of Tempestus Commanders can snatch victory from the wicked alien jaws of defeat.

Deathwatch Overkill covers the missions of Kill Team Cassius on Ghosar Quintus, and their attempts to discover the fate of Inquisitor Chaegryn and his team. But what of the Inquisitor’s original mission? Scant reference is made to heathen alien cults and unwholesome idolatry before the Inquisitor and his loyal servants seemingly vanished. We wanted to know more, so the fine folk over at White Dwarf asked the Design Studio if they’d come up with the rules for a prequel mission, covering the incident that set the events of Deathwatch Overkill in motion. As always, they went above and beyond, not only giving us a brand new mission, ‘Treachery Revealed’, but full rules for using the cream of the Militarum Tempestus, the Tempestus Scions, in your own games of Deathwatch Overkill. So, give the mission a try – and whether you succeed against all odds or heroically fail against hordes without number, why not let us know on Facebook how you and your friends do with the mission and the Militarum Tempestus rules?

Militarum Tempestus in Deathwatch Overkill

These rules allow you to recreate the Militarum Tempestus’s doomed expedition to Ghosar Quintus with Inquisitor Chaegryn to investigate the mining complex. The mission itself – Treachery Revealed – is played just like any other from Deathwatch Overkill, but with one side controlling the warriors of the Militarum Tempestus instead of the Deathwatch. So long as you have 10 Militarum Tempestus models, you can play Treachery Revealed.

To avoid confusion when writing these rules we have used the terms ‘Militarum Tempestus’ instead of ‘Deathwatch’, and ‘Tempestus Commander’ instead of ‘Deathwatch Commander’, but they are purely cosmetic changes and make no changes to the rules presented in Deathwatch Overkill. The Militarum Tempestus models are used just like Deathwatch models would be, just using a different set of profiles, which are shown below. It is worth noting that unlike the superhuman warriors of the Deathwatch, Militarum Tempestus models only have a single wound. As a result, they cannot perform a Combat Recovery.

Designer’s Note: If you wish, you could also replay any of the missions from Deathwatch Overkill using your Militarum Tempestus models instead to see how they would have fared had the cleansing of Ghosar Quintus fallen to the noble scions of the Militarum Tempestus instead of the Deathwatch.

If you want to do this, we suggest doubling the number of models you can take when mustering your Kill Team in each mission – for example, in Mission 1: Killstorm you can muster a team of any four Deathwatch Space Marines, so you could alternatively use any eight Militarum Tempestus models. If a Mission Objective requires a certain number of Deathwatch Space Marine models to survive, be killed or reach a certain area, you should, of course, double that number when using Militarum Tempestus models. Also note that in Mission 8: Purgation Protocols we suggest using a single Tempestor Prime in place of Cassius, and replacing each other Deathwatch Space Marine with up to two Militarum Tempestus models.

Militarum Tempestus profiles

Tempestus Scion with Hot-Shot Lasgun


Tempestus Scions with Hot-shot Lasgun

Tempestus Scions with Hot-shot Lasgun

Tempestus Scion with Plasma Gun


Tempestus Scion with Grenade Launcher


Tempestus Scion with Plasma Gun; Tempestus Scion with Grenade Launcher

Tempestus Scion with Plasma Gun; Tempestus Scion with Grenade Launcher

Tempestus Scion with Hot-Shot Volley Gun
Tempestus Scion with Medi-Pack
Tempestus Scion with Hot-shot Volley Gun; Tempestus Scion with Medi-pack

Tempestus Scion with Hot-shot Volley Gun; Tempestus Scion with Medi-pack

Tempestus Scion with Flamer
Tempestus Scion with Meltagun

A Tempestor is equipped with one of the following pistols:


And one of the following melee weapons:


Tempestor with Hot-shot Laspistol and Chainsword

Tempestor with Hot-shot Laspistol and Chainsword

Tempestor Prime

A Tempestor Prime is equipped with one of the following:

Militarum Command: At end of each turn, one model in same zone as the Tempestor Prime can attack for a third time.

Tempestus Scion with Vox-Caster

Vox-caster: At the start of the Tempestus Commander Movement phase, this model can use his vox-link to access scanning augurs and acquire data on one Ambush card on the board. Look at the ambush Card, then put it back (face down) on its Ambush Point.

Tempestor Prime with Bolt Pistol; Tempestus Scion with Vox-caster

Tempestor Prime with Bolt Pistol; Tempestus Scion with Vox-caster

Tempestus Scion with Platoon Standard


Platoon Standard: You can re-roll 1s for this models and any Militarum Tempestus models on his board section when they attack at Assault range.

Tempestus Scion with Platoon Standard

Tempestus Scion with Platoon Standard

New Mission

Whilst Inquisitor Chaegryn is conducting his interrogations, his Militarum Tempestus guard are sent to investigate an anomalous reading in the mine’s lower levels. Without warning all communication with the Inquisitor is severed and the Tempestus Scions come under attack from the very miners who were their escorts, in moments surrounded and outnumbered by a veritable horde of foes. The Tempestus Scions must act quickly lest they be overwhelmed. They must attempt to break through the foe and return to the upper levels to inform Chaegryn of the betrayal so he can in turn warn the Imperium at large of the treachery hidden in the bowels of Ghosar Quintus.

Mission Objectives

The Militarum Tempestus must escape the trap they have been led into and warn Inquisitor Chaegryn. The Tempestus Commander must consolidate their forces and escape back to the upper levels of the mine. If they can move even a single one of their models off the board through the Exit Zone, the mission ends immediately and the Tempestus Commander wins. The Genestealer Cultist’s objective is to keep their treachery a secret by slaying all of the Militarum Tempestus models before they move off the board. If they slay all enemy models, the mission ends immediately and the Genestealer Cultist wins.

Muster Kill Team

The Tempestus Commander chooses a Kill Team that consists of any 10 Militarum Tempestus models of their choice. After the board has been set up, the Tempestus Commander places their models in any of the Militarum Tempestus Muster Zones shown on the mission map.


Broodmind Deck

The Genestealer Cultist prepares their Broodmind deck by putting aside the cards that have the Genestealer Patriarch as an Ambusher, and shuffling all of the remaining cards thoroughly. The Genestealer Patriarch cards are not used at the start of Treachery Revealed. The Genestealer Cultist draws a hand of six Broodmind Cards, and must lay four as Ambushes each turn.

Mission Special Rule

The Patriarch Cometh: If the Genestealer Cultist has to shuffle the discard deck to create a new Broodmind Deck, add the cards that have the Genestealer Patriarch as an Ambusher back into the deck before shuffling them thoroughly.

Warn the Inquisitor: Militarum Tempestus models can be moved off the board at the Exit Zone. Moving off the board is treated as moving into a new zone, exactly as is there was another zone beside the Exit Zone.

This mission was originally published in White Dwarf magazine – get your subscription today for more great content delivered to your door.

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